WWI & Russian Revolution

  1. What are the causes of WWI?
    • -Militarism
    • -Imperialism
    • -Nationalism
    • -Entangling Alliances
  2. massive build up of military weapons
  3. when a larger country takes over a smaller one
  4. meant people were willing to accept govt. policies
  5. because there was so many alliances it created problems
    Entangling Alliances
  6. Germanys plan for taking over France
    Schlieffen Plan
  7. What event was the spark that set off the war?
    The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
  8. How did Austria respond to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand?
    They wanted revenge and declared war
  9. Who was the Kaiser of Germany during the war?
    Wilhem II
  10. What Blank Check did Wilhem give to Austria?
    He said that Germany would back them up no matter what
  11. Where did the French stop the German advance into their country?
  12. Who were the main members of the Allies during the war?
    France, Britain, & Russia
  13. Who were the members of the Central Powers?
    Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman Empire
  14. Germanys main goal is to capture city
    Battle of Verdun
  15. Germany tries to conquer to get to Russia
    Battle of Gallipoli
  16. British passenger liner from U.S. to Britain
  17. What was Unrestriced Submarine Warfare?
    Germans would sink any boat that came near
  18. What effect did the 1917 Russian Revolution have on the war?
    the U.S. entered war
  19. using everything you have in war
    Total War
  20. Why were casualties of the First World War significant?
    because it lost generation
  21. What did women gain from the war?
    Jobs in Factories
  22. Germanys lost because of socialist and Jews
    "Stab in the Back" legend
  23. Who was the president of the US during the war?
  24. What were the 14 points?
    Wilsons plan for peace
  25. a document stating Germany started war and its their fault
    Treaty of Versailles
  26. The title of the absolute monarch in Russia was the ________.
  27. The person who was the leader of Russia during WWI was _________
    Nicholas II
  28. The revolution of 1905 was caused by the Russian failure in the _______________War.
  29. The revolution forced the Csar to issue the _____________________which created a national legislature
    October Manifesto
  30. Most people in Russia were of what social class?
  31. 200 workers protest, & Bloody Sunday were 2 events that contributed to the______________
    1917 Russian Revolution
  32. Strikes and mutinies led to the _____________ of Czar Nicolas II.
  33. social class group from the Marxists
  34. Who was the Bolsheviks leader?
  35. "Peace, Bread, and Land"....was known as???
    Bolshevik slogan
  36. when the bolsheviks renamed and took control of govt.
    Bolshevik Revolution
  37. Who fought in the Russian Civil War?
    Reds vs. Whites
  38. Who represented the reds?
  39. Who represented the whites?
    everyone else
  40. Why did the Bolsheviks win?
    Russians didnt trust white army
  41. What did Russia become under the Communists?
    U.S.S.R or Soviet Union
  42. What power did the Commsnist party have?
    total control
  43. to have lots of control and small scale capitalism was.....
    The new Economic Policy
  44. How did it help russia?
    became more powerful
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