ch 10 pharm

  1. Nystatin is an _________-_________ drug that increases permeability, which _____ out cellular ______, and leads to cell ____
    • ergosterol-binding
    • leaks
    • components
    • death
  2. what is used only for superficial candidal infections?
  3. Nystatin is only used for the tx (superficially) of the ____, ____, and ______ mucosa with topical formulations
    • skin
    • oral
    • vaginal
  4. what is added to cream (for dentures), rinses, or lozenges to make them taste better? (Nystatin)
    SUGAR! yum!!!
  5. how long must Nystatin contact fungal organism to take effect?
    5-7 minutes in the mouth
  6. What is the first choice of drug for primary tx of Candidia Albicans?
  7. what is the formulation of choice of Nystatin in a dental office? _______ ________
    oral pastilles (=lozenges, troche "you can hold it "still" in your mouth if its a lozenge or troche")
  8. ______ is recommended to prevent caries in conjunction with Nystatin
  9. t/f Candida albicans is a normal inhabitant of the oral cavity
  10. what are acquired and therapeutic immunosuppression predisposing systemic factors of C. albicans? (3)
    • HIVD
    • Cytotoxic drugs
    • Corticosteroids
  11. t/f candidiasis is an infection, but not an infectious disease
  12. hwat are endocrinopathies of predisposing factors of C. albicans?
    • diabetes mellitus
    • hypoparathyroidism
    • hypoadrenalism
    • pregnancy with secondary infection of infant
  13. t/f nutritional deficiencies, low carb diet, and antibacterial drug use are predisposing systemic factors of C albicans
    FALSE! HIGH carb diet
    Denture Stomatitis (eeeeew yuck!)
  15. smoking
    salivary flow changes
    sjogren syndrome
    and radiotherapy are examples of __________ factors of ______ ______
    • predisposing
    • candidia albicans
  16. t/f Hormonal changes are predisposing systemic factors of C albicans
    FALSE!!!!!!! Age, YES! Hormones, NO!
  17. what is a white pseudomembrane that can be wiped off, leaving a painful, red mucosal surface?
    pseudomembranous candidiasis (remember folks, we are talking about candidiasis)
  18. pseudomembranous candidiasis can be acute or chronic? which one?
    BOTH silly!
  19. who are the groups of people typically seen with pseudomembranous candidiasis (3)?
    • neonates (have thrush)
    • immunosuppressed pts
    • HIV infection pts
  20. if your patient has a red patch on the palate or dorsum of the tongue, it is probably: _________ _________
    erythematous candidiasis (atrophic-partial or complete wasting away of the body)
  21. what has a BURNING sensation, seen in HIV disease, and after a broad-spectrum antibiotic administration?
    erythematous candidiasis
  22. all of the following statements are true about nystatin except which one?
    a) nystatin is an inhibitor of ergosterol synthesis
    b) the use of nystatin is limited to the tx of candidal infections of the skin, oral, and vaginal mucosa
    c) liquid or lozenge formulation must contatct organism to be effective
    d) it may be used as a rinse or lozenge in the oral cavity
    e) sugar is added when it is used as a liquid
    A! it is not an inhibitor, its a BINDER!
  23. what is the first choice for primary line of antifungal chemotherapy (tx of oral candidiasis)?
    Nystatin (Mycostatin)
  24. t/f there are sugarless vaginal tablets for caries-prone patients
    true! who needs sugar for their va-jay jay? jk
  25. there are _______ side effects aka no drug-drug interactions with _______ chemo
    • minimal
    • antifungal
  26. when would Clotrimazole be needed? How often?
    • if candidiasis is refractory (stubborn) to nystatin
    • 5X/day
  27. how long should Clotrimazole dissolve?
    slowly, for 15-30 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!
  28. what is not recommended for pregnant women or children younger than 3?
  29. t/f A Clotrimazole cream may be used for denture stomatitis
  30. ______ will treat oral and chronic mucotaneous candidiasis
    Clotrimazole to the rescue!
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