5th Grade vocab Unit 12

  1. abuse
    n. improper, wrong, or cruel treatment; insulting language

    Never abuse your brothers or sisters.

    v. to put to bad use; to hurt or damage by treating badly

    If you abuse your toys, they won't last long to use.
  2. appliance
    n. a machine or tool used to do the household job

    We recently bought a new small appliance called a microwave.
  3. confirm
    v. to agree or prove that something is true; to make sure, remove any doubt

    The villian refused to confirm he had the shrink ray.
  4. daze
    v. to stun or confuse

    Dr. Gru would daze people with his freeze gun.

    n. state of confusion; a trance
  5. flimsy
    adj. not strong or solid; poorly made; not convincing

    I don't think my teacher believed my flimsy excuse for not doing my homework.
  6. gauge
    n. a standard measure used to tell size, thickness, and so on; an instrument used to measure

    My Dad uses a gauge to measure the thickness of steel plate at work.

    v. to measure; estimate
  7. migrant
    n. an animal or person that moves from one region to another as the seasons change; a farmworker who moves seasonally to pick differnet crops

    We passed a field full of migrant berries for picking.
  8. neutral
    adj. not taking any side in a disagreement or war; in-between, lacking distinction; not in gear.

    Switzerland remained neutral through both World Wars I and II.
  9. pitiless
    adj. showing no sorrow or regret for another's suffering or troubles

    The audience booed the pitiless villian.
  10. presentable
    adj. fit to be seen or inspected

    My parents told me to look presentable for church.
  11. rotate
    v. to turn around a central point; to alternate

    Do you know how long it takes the Earth to rotate once? (24 hours :)
  12. shred
    n. a thin strip; a tiny piece or amount

    Not a shred of evidence was found.

    v. to cut or tear into thin strips or small pieces; to rip up

    Mrs. Davies was asked to shred the document.
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5th Grade vocab Unit 12