5th Grade vocab Unit 11

  1. absurd
    adj. making no sense at all, going compltely against or having no reason

    No one is going to believe such an absurd story!
  2. avalanche
    n. a large mass of snow, ice, rocks, or other material sliding or falling swiftly down a mountainside; something resembling such an event

    The animals in ICE AGE ran away from the avalanche coming at them.
  3. classify
    v. to group or label in an orgainized way

    Libraries usually classify books by title.
  4. ensure
    v. to make sure, safe, or certain; to guarantee

    The playground was designed to ensure the children's saftey.
  5. navigate
    v. To pan and steer the course of a vessel or vehicle; to make one's way, to get around

    A pilot came aboard to navigate the boat down the river.
  6. nestle
    v. to settle down comfortably; to hold lovingly; snuggle

    When I was little, I like to nestle in my mom's lap.
  7. plea
    n. an urgent request for help; the answer given in a law court by a person accused of a crime. an appeal or prayer

    The defendant entered a plea of not guilty.
  8. principle
    n. a basic rule or law on which others are based; a belief used to tell right from wrong; guideline

    A judge must be a person of high principle.
  9. realistic
    adj. using facts and good sense to evaluate people, things, or situations; concerned with the practical; resembling real life

    The painting was so realistic that it looked like a photograph.
  10. security
    n. freedom from danger, fear, or doubt; safety

    There is always heavy security in the mall thanks to Paul Blart.
  11. selective
    adj. very careful about choosing or using

    It pays to be a very selective shopper.
  12. tart
    adj. having a sharp or sour taste; sharp in manner or tone.

    My sister replied with a very tart remark.

    n. a small pie, usually filled with fruit

    I had a peach tart for dessert.
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