Tener idioms

  1. tener __ años
    to be __ years old
  2. tener calor
    to be hot
  3. tener celos
    to be jealous
  4. tener cuidado
    to be careful
  5. tener la culpa
    to be at fault
  6. tener dolor de (cabeza, estómago, etc.)
    to have a (head)ache, (stomach)ache, etc.
  7. tener envidia
    to be envious
  8. tener éxito
    to be successful, to have success
  9. tener frío
    to be cold
  10. tener ganas de
    to want, to desire
  11. tener hambre
    to be hungry
  12. tener la palabra
    to have the floor
  13. tener lugar
    to take place
  14. tener miedo do
    to be afraid of
  15. tener prisa
    to be in a hurry
  16. tener que ver con
    to have to do with
  17. tener rabia
    to be in a rage, to be very angry
  18. tener razón
    to be right
  19. tener sed
    to be thirsty
  20. tener sueño
    to be sleepy
  21. tener suerte
    to be lucky, to have luck
  22. tener vergüenza
    to be ashamed
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