1. Three Basic Needs
    • Oxygen
    • Nutrition
    • Temp/Humidity
  2. Nausea, dizziness, headache, and fatigue are all symptoms of exposure to...
    Carbon monoxide
  3. At what temperature does HYPOthermia occur?
    95 degrees F
  4. What is a comfortable humidity level for most people?
  5. List 4 Physical Hazards present in homes.
    • Lighting
    • Obstacles
    • Bathroom hazards
    • Security
  6. Aquired by an injection of a small amount of weakened or dead organisms or modified toxins from an organism into the body.
    Active immunity
  7. Aquired when antibodies from other persons or animals are introduced into a persons blood stream.
    Passive immunity
  8. Number one risk of death for infants.
  9. Top 3 risks of death for school-aged children.
    • Injury from strangers
    • Sports injuries
    • Bicyle-related injuries
  10. Top 3 Risks of Death to Adolescence
    • Suicide
    • Driving accidents
    • Drugs and unprotected sex
  11. Top 4 Risks in Health Care Agencies
    • Falls
    • Client-inherent accidents
    • Procedure-related accidents
    • Equipment-related accidents
  12. This phase sometimes follows after a seizure during which the patient often has amnesia or confusion and then falls into a deep sleep.
    Postictal Phase
  13. In case of fire use this mnemonic..
    • R-Rescue
    • A-Activate Alarm
    • C-Confine
    • E-Extinguish
  14. The emergency management plan addresses these four phases..
    • Mitigation
    • Preparedness
    • Response
    • Recovery
  15. This phase includes the identification of possible emergency situations and their probable impact.
    Mitigation Phase
  16. What is the causative agent in Anthrax?
    Bacillus anthacis
  17. How is anthrax transmitted?
    • Skin contact
    • Ingestion
    • Inhalation
  18. What is given to patients postexposure to Anthrax?
  19. What is the causative agent for Botulism?
    Clostridium botulinum
  20. How is Botulism transmitted?
    • Foodborne
    • Airborne
  21. What is the causative agent to the Plague?
    Yersinia pestis
  22. How is the Plague transmitted?
  23. Antimicrobial agent given postexposure to the Plague is...
  24. What is the causative agent of Smallpox?
    Variola virus
  25. How is Smallpox transmitted?
  26. What do you do if you are exposed to Smallpox?
    Take Smallpox vaccine postexposure
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