Lesson 7-9 Vocab

  1. auspices
    protection or support; patronage
  2. auspicious
    attended by favorable circumstances
  3. circumspect
    heedful of circumstances
  4. despicable
    deserving of scorn of contempt
  5. introspective
  6. perspicuity
    quality of being clearly expressed
  7. prospective
    likely to come or to be
  8. specious
    having the ring of truth but actually false
  9. specter
    a phantom; apparition; ghost
  10. spectrum
    a broad range of related qualities or ideas
  11. acuity
    acuteness of perception, keenness
  12. consummate
    supremely accomplished or skilled
  13. cunning
    skill or adeptness in performance
  14. deft
    skillful; adroit
  15. endowment
    a natural gift or quality
  16. facile
    done or achieved with little effort; easy
  17. incompetent
    not capable, not well qualified
  18. inept
    awkward or clumsy
  19. proficient
    performing a skill with facility
  20. propensity
    an innate inclination; tendency
  21. beseech
    to address an earnest or urgent request to
  22. blandishment
    the act of coaxing by flattery
  23. cajole
    to coax gently and persistently
  24. elicit
    to bring out; evoke
  25. enjoin
    to direct with authority and emphasis
  26. exigent
    requiring immediate attention or remedy
  27. imperious
    arrogantly domineering or overbearing
  28. injunction
    a command, directive, or order
  29. mendicant
    a beggar
  30. query
    a question, inquiry
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Lesson 7-9 Vocab
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