1. urethra
    passage of urine and semen
  2. meatus
    opening of urethra
  3. corpora cavernosa
    • 2 columns of spongy erectile tissue
    • top side of penis

    fill with blood during erection

    (clitoris in women)
  4. corpus spongiosum
    • underside of penis
    • spongy tissue
    • fills with blood during erection
  5. glans
    • tip
    • head of penis
    • huge amount of nerve endings
  6. corona
    crown b/t glans and shaft

    remove anything from vagina
  7. Prepuce
    • foreskin
    • over glans
    • removed during circumcision
  8. tyson's glands
    glands under foreskin

    produce smegma
  9. Root
    base of penis

    anchor to pelvic bone via crura
  10. scrotum
    loose skin that holds testes
  11. Cremaster Muscle
    raises and lowers testes in response to temperature changes

  12. erection
    nerve fibers swell the arteries of penis

    allowing blood to rush into corpora cavernosa and corp spongiosium
  13. spermatogenesis
    production of sperm in testes

    13-14 yrs mature sperm
  14. testes
    manufacture sperm

    maintains optimal spermatogenesis

    1/4 mile tubing in each
  15. leydig celles

    interstital cells
    produce testosterone

    (in testes)
  16. semiiniferous tubules
    sperm producing tubes winding through testes
  17. epididymus
    top of testes

    holds sperm until they mature

    connected to semiferous tubules
  18. seminiferous tubules
    tightly coiled ducts in testes where sperm is produced

    greenish picture
  19. vas deferens
    one of two long tubes that mix other fluids to create semen
  20. seminal vesicles
    2 glands under bladder

    causes semen to coagulate

    main 50% of ejaculate
  21. capilotory plug
    • soft in humans
    • hardens in other species

    seals female reproductive tract (flow back)
  22. spermatoza
    • mature sperm
    • 23 chromosomes

    determine gender of baby

    70% modal - hunt egg
  23. ejaculatory duct
    transports spermatazoa from vas deferns to urethra
  24. cowper's glands

    pair of glands that lie below prostrate
  25. spermatogonium
    immature sperm cell that will develop into a spermatocyte
  26. spermatocyte
    intermediate stage of spermatozoon
  27. spermatids
    final stage in the production of sperm

    sperm formation takes 72 days/300m a day
  28. 2 stages of ejaculation
    • 1.stimulation:
    • epididymis, seminal vesicles, prostrate empty fluid into uretral bulb while the bladder is closed off the prevent urine from being expelled
    • 2. contractions usually orgasim
  29. Male Puberty
    begins in brain around 10

    hypothalmus releases GnRH & LH

    LH stimulates testoserone in testes

    LH & Testosterone stimulate sperm production
  30. testosterone
    w/LH to produce sperm

    • hair
    • growth spurts
    • deep voice
    • metabolism
  31. andropause

    • spermogenesis decreases
    • ejaculate thinner
    • lower testosterone
  32. cryptorchidism
    testes fail to descend into sctotum

    temp = no sperm
  33. testicular torsin
    twisting of testicles spermatic cord
  34. priapism
    painful persistent erection

    blood trapped in penis
  35. peyronie's disease
    calcifications in penis = curved penis
  36. anabolic-androgenic steroid use
    damage liver

    shrink testicles

    serum lipids and reproductive systems damaged
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