1. In a suprainfection the _____flora is _____, by _________ antibiotics causing ________infections, and nonsuseptible organisms to ________.
    • normal
    • reduced
    • broadspectrum
    • opportunistic
    • Flourish
  2. T/F bacterialcidal is reversible and bacterialstatic is irreversible
    False...bacteriacidal kills, stactic slows or inhibits growth
  3. T/F gram positive are faculative cocci
    True...they can live with or with out oxygen
  4. Effective plasma concentrations are affected by ADME...what does that stand for?
    • Absorption
    • distrubition
    • metabolism
    • elimination
  5. It was stated that ___% of oral infections were caused by gram positive microorganisms....but it is not so...oral infections are caused by _______ faculative cocci and _______bacilli, by the time antibiotics are indicated it is mostly anerobic gram neg bacilli that predominate

    FYI this is a Polymicrobial in the mouth, until some microbes decide its mostly exclusive..
    • 90%
    • Gram positive
    • gram negative
  6. Most odontogenic infections are caused by 3 types of micoroorganisms
    • anerobic gram-positive cocci
    • gram neg bacilli
    • faculative gram positive cocci
  7. The oral enviroment of an adult harbors more than ____ bacterial species.
  8. The predominate flora creates an_______ of synergism by ________oxygen and creating _________, making the mouth more acidic, which supports _______bacteria. This facilitates selective bacterial survival.
    • ecosystem
    • consuming
    • metabolites
    • anaerobic
  9. bacterial species ______ as the infection matures or is clinically manifests as either ________ or Chronic conditions.
    • decline
    • acute
  10. chronic infections may ____ ___ and become fiborus, which may make it hard for the antibiotic to reach it. making it necessary for debridement.
    wall off
  11. T/F acute infections are more likely to spread cause the immune system can't get it controlled as quickly
    Yep its true
  12. T/F Chronic infections tend to be more localized, unless the immune response is overwhelmed.
    true again...
  13. T/F If optimal debridment occurs and the immune system is competent there is often no need for antibiotics.
  14. T/F antibacterial agents can destroy all bacteria
    False...don't expect them to.
  15. T/F corticosteriods enhance the immune response
    False- it suppresses the response and masks clinical signs of infection and Lymphocyte function is reduced
  16. T/F If a pt is immunocompromised it is not indicated to give them a antibiotic
    False- give it to them!
  17. __________ drugs interupt cell wall synthesis. ________, _________,and __________ are bacteriacidal drugs
    • Bacteriacidal
    • Penicillin
    • cephalosporin
    • vancomycin
  18. T/F metronidazole (Flagyl) inhibits DNA and leads to cell death in anaerobes.
    True...isn't this what they use in bacterial vaginitis???
  19. Bactericidal drugs target ______ pathways essential for survival. Bacteriostatic drugs target metabolic pathways necessary for ______ not survival.
    • metabolic
    • growth
  20. bacteriostatic drugs are?
  21. •Erythromycin, clindamycin, tetracycline
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