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  1. What is Radiation Therapy.
    • Radiation therapy involves using ionizing radiation for
    • treatment of cancer.
  2. What is another term for radiation therapy?
    Radiation oncology
  3. What are the three methods of cancer treatment?
    • Radiation Therapy
    • Surgery
    • Chemotherapy
  4. What is the approximate percentage of cancer patients who undergo radiation therapy?
  5. What determines which cancer patients receive radiation therapy?
    • Patientphysical and emotional condition
    • Type of cancer
    • Extent of cancer
    • Position
  6. What is/are used to determine the location and size of tumors?
    • Radiographs
    • CT
    • MRI
    • Ultrasound
  7. Who usually performs a biopsy of tumor tissue?
  8. How is radiation therapy used in regard to cancer?
    Used to cure cancer or to alleviate the condition
  9. How are radiation therapy treatments normally
    Given daily Monday through Friday to two to eight weeks.
  10. What members are on the radiation oncology team and explain their duties?
    • Radiation Oncologist – prescribes treatment and area to be treated
    • Medical Radiation Physicist – advises oncologist and dosimetrist on treatment techniques and dosage calculations, Maintains and calibrates equipment.
    • Medical dosimetrist – outlines plan for obtaining desired dosage
    • Radiation therapist – administers radiation treatment
  11. What equipment used in radiation therapy and describe it?
    • 120 kVp Superficial x-ray unit – treatment of lesions on or near surface of skin
    • 250 kVp Orthovoltage x-ray unit – treatment of moderately superficial tissue
    • Colbalt 60 gamma ray – first unit for deeper tissue lesions
    • Linear Accelerator – most commonly used; can produce high-energy x-rays for deep tumors; can project beam of electrons for superficial tissue
  12. What are the treatment types of radiation therapy?
    • Brachytherapy– internal insertion of low-intensity radioactive nuclides in close proximity of cancerous tissue
    • Teletherapy – application of external beam radiation; most common
  13. What are the steps in radiation oncology treatment?
    • Simulation
    • - used to determine area and volume of tissue to be treated
    • - images from other modalities loaded into computer
    • - markings placed on patient
    • Dosimetry
    • - dosimetrist devises treatment plan
    • - must plan of optimum dosage without damaging healthy tissue
    • Treatment
    • - performed by radiation therapist
    • - precisely positions patient and equipment
    • - monitors and records dosage
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