Spanish-expressions with tener

  1. tener_____anos
    to be _______ years old
  2. tener calor (m)
    to feel warm
  3. tener celos
    to be jealous
  4. tener cuidado
    to be careful
  5. tener exito
    to be successful
  6. tener frio
    to feel cold
  7. tener hambre (f)
    to be hungry
  8. tener ganas de + infinitivo
    to feel like.......
  9. tener lugar
    to take place
  10. tener miedo (a)
    to be afriad (of a person)
  11. tener miedo (de)
    to be afriad (of a thing)
  12. tener prisa
    to be in a hurry
  13. tener razon (f)
    to be right
  14. tener sed (f)
    to be thirsty
  15. tener sueno
    to be sleepy
  16. tener suerte (f)
    to be lucky
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Spanish-expressions with tener
Spanish-expressions with tener