Skeletal System

  1. amputation
    partial or complete removal of a limb
  2. arthralgia
    joint pain
  3. arthrocentesis
    puncture to withdraw fluid from a joint
  4. bunion
    inflammation of the bursa of the first metatarsophalangeal joint
  5. bursectomy
    removal of a bursa
  6. callus
    the mass of bone tissue that forms at a fracture site during its healing
  7. carpals
    wrist bones
  8. chondromalacia
    cartilage softening
  9. clavicle
    collar bone
  10. comminuted fracture
    fracture in which the bone is shattered or crushed into many small pieces or fragments
  11. compound fracture
    fracture in which the skin has been broken through to the fracture
  12. condyle
    smooth rounded portion at the end of a bone
  13. costal
    pertaining to rib
  14. crepitation
    the noise produced by bones and cartilage rubbing together
  15. diaphysis
    central shaft of bone
  16. epicondyle
    a projection located above or on a condyle
  17. epiphysis
    wide ends of long bones
  18. exostosis
    bone spur
  19. femur
    thigh bone
  20. fibula
    long bone in lateral side of lower leg
  21. fissure
    a slit-type opening
  22. foramen
    smooth round opening for nerves and blood vessels
  23. fossa
    a shallow cavity or depression on the surface of a bone
  24. humerus
    upper arm bone
  25. ilium
    upper most part of the pelvic girdle
  26. impacted fracture
    fracture in which bone fragments are pushed into each other
  27. intervertebral
    pertaining to between vertebrae
  28. intracranial
    pertaining to inside the skull
  29. ischium
    lower portion of the pelvic girdle
  30. kyphosis
  31. lordosis
  32. mandible
    lower jaw
  33. maxilla
    upper jaw
  34. metacarpals
    bones beyond the wrist
  35. metatarsals
    bones beyond the ankle
  36. myeloma
    bone marrow tumor
  37. orthotic
    a brace or splint used to prevent or correct deformities
  38. osteomalacia
    softening of bones
  39. osteopathy
    bone disease
  40. osteoporosis
    porous condition of bones
  41. osteotomy
    incision into a bone
  42. patella
    knee cap
  43. periosteum
    the membrane that covers most bones
  44. phalanges
    finger or toe bones
  45. prosthesis
    artificial device that is used as a substitute for a body part
  46. radius
    thumb side of lower arm
  47. scapula
    shoulder blade
  48. sinus
    hollow cavity within a bone
  49. synovitis
    inflammation of the synovial membrane
  50. tarsals
    ankle bones
  51. tibia
    shin bone
  52. trochanter
    large rough process for the attachment of muscle
  53. ulna
    little finger side of upper arm
  54. zygomatic bones
  55. DJD
    degenerative joint disease
  56. NSAID
    nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
  57. ORIF
    open reduction - internal fixation
  58. ORTH
  59. RA
    rheumatoid arthritis
  60. T1, T2
    thoracic vertebrae
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