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  1. udders
    Please, God, ...
  2. Diorama
    n.1. A three-dimensional miniature or life-size scene in which figures, stuffed wildlife, or other objects are arranged in a naturalistic setting against a painted background.2. A scene reproduced on cloth transparencies with various lights shining through the cloths to produce changes in effect, intended for viewing at a distance through an aperture.
  3. Castigating
    tr.v. cas·ti·gat·ed, cas·ti·gat·ing, cas·ti·gates1. To inflict severe punishment on. See Synonyms at punish.2. To criticize severely.

    castigate - censure severely; "She chastised him for his insensitive remarks"
  4. outright
  5. Allege
    tr.v. al·leged, al·leg·ing, al·leg·es1. To assert to be true; affirm: alleging his innocence of the charge.2. To assert without or before proof: The indictment alleges that the commissioner took bribes.3. To state (a plea or excuse, for example) in support or denial of a claim or accusation: The defendant alleges temporary insanity.4. Archaic To bring forward as an authority.
  6. Spectre - Specter
    n.1. A ghostly apparition; a phantom.2. A haunting or disturbing image or prospect: the terrible specter of nuclear war.
  7. Minstrel
    n.1. A medieval entertainer who traveled from place to place, especially to sing and recite poetry.2.a. A lyric poet.b. A musician.3. A performer in a minstrel show.
  8. Hovel
    n.1. A small, miserable dwelling.2. An open, low shed.
  9. Lithograph
    Lithography (from Greek λίθος - lithos, 'stone' + γράφειν - graphein, 'to write') is a method for printing using a stone (lithographic limestone) or a metal plate with a completely smooth surface. Invented in 1796 by Bavarian author Alois Senefelder as a low-cost method of publishing theatrical works,[1][2] lithography can be used to print text or artwork onto paper or another suitable material.
  10. Privy
    adj.1. Made a participant in knowledge of something private or secret: was privy to classified information.
  11. Gander
    n.1. A male goose.2. Informal A look or glance: "Everyone turns and takes a gander at the yokels" (Garrison Keillor).
  12. Laden
    adj. 1. Loaded with great weight.
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