Finnish rules2

  1. The partitiivi case is used when there are numbers mentiond in the sentance exept the number 1. You change the noun to a partitiivi ending. The pronoun and adjective all change to the same ending as noun. Also sentances that talk about eating and drink, as well as sentances in negative form change to partitiivi case. when there are no numbers used you use the stem/nomitive form.
    • Ex: three new schools.(patitiivi case)
    • kolme uutta koulua.
    • Ex: from this new school (nomitive case)
    • tästä uudesta koulusta
  2. words ending with -V (V = vowel)
    Ex: one bus
    yksi bussi
    • the word gets the -a/-ä ending
    • Ex: two busses
    • kaksi bussia
  3. words ending with-VV (2 vowels)
    Ex: one tree
    yksi puu
    • the word gets the -ta/tä
    • Ex: two trees
    • kaksi puuta
  4. words ending with -C (ending with a consanant)
    Ex: one man.
    yksi mies.
    • The word gets the -ta/-tä ending
    • Ex: two men
    • kaksi miesta
  5. words ending with -e
    Ex: one room
    yksi huone
    • words ending with -e get -tta/-ttä ending.
    • Ex: two rooms
    • kaksi huonetta.
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