Bone Markings

  1. What are the projections that are sites of muscle and ligament attachment?
    Tuberosity, Crest, Trochanter, Line, Tubercle, Epicondyle, Spine, and Process
  2. Tuberosity
    large rounded projection; may be roughened. example - ischial tuberosity
  3. Crest
    narrow ridge of bone; usually prominent. example..illiac crest
  4. Trochanter
    very lage, blunt, irregularly shaped process (femur)
  5. Line
    narrow ridge of bonel less prominent than a crest
  6. Tubercle
    small rounded projection or process
  7. Epicondyle
    raised area on or above a condyle
  8. Spine
    sharp, slender, often pointed projection
  9. Process
    any bony prominence
  10. What are the projections that help form joints?
    Head, Facet, Condyle, and Ramus
  11. Head
    bony expansion carried on a narrow neck
  12. Facet
    smooth, nearly flat articular surface
  13. Condyle
    rounded articular projection
  14. Ramus
    armlike bar of bone
  15. What are the depressions and openings for passage of blood vessels of nerves?
    groove, fissure, foramen, notch
  16. Groove
  17. Fissure
    narrow, slitlike opening
  18. Foramen
    Round or oval opening through a bone
  19. Notch
    indentation at the edge of a structure
  20. What is a meatus?
    canal-like passageway
  21. What is a sinus?
    bone cavity, filled with air and lined with mucous membrane
  22. What is a fossa?
    shallow basinlike depression in a bone, often serving as an articular surface
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