Anatomy, Forelimb II

  1. Major Blood Supply to the forelimb
    • Axillary A
    • Brachial A
    • Median A
  2. Which A's => Digital Pulses?
    Medial and Lateral Palmer Digital aa
  3. Branches of the terminal arch radiate and break up in the ______ & ______
    • laminar dermis
    • Sole Dermis
  4. The digital (medial and lateral) veins, formed by...
    • Three interconnected,
    • Valveless,
    • Venous Plexuses in the foot
  5. Venus Plexuses in the foot:
    • Dorsal Venous Plexus
    • Palmar/Plantar Venus Plexus
    • Coronary Venous Plexus
  6. Where do the plexuses anastamose?
    Via foramina in the cartilages in the distal phalanx
  7. Digital V -> ____ ->_____
    • palmer vv
    • Cephalic V
  8. Main A of the manus:
    MediaL Palmer A
  9. How are the Medial & Lateral Palmer aa formed?
    • Median A -> Median Palmer A
    • Deep Palmar Arch -> Lateral Palmer A
  10. Lateral and Medial Palmar Metacarpal A come from...
    Anastomosis of branch form Radial and Palmer branch of the Median A (deep palmar arch)
  11. Lateral and Medial Palmar Proper Digital aa are branches of the
    Medial Palmar A
  12. The nerves of the manus come from:
    • Median N
    • Ulnar N
  13. Main N of the manus
    MediaN n
  14. Major Nerves supplying the palmar aspect of the distal forelimb?
    • Median N
    • Ulnar N
  15. Nerves Supplying the dorsal aspect of the distal Forelimb:
    • Dorsal Branch of Ulnar N
    • Medial Cutaneous Antebrachial N
    • Dorsal Branches from medial and lateral digital n
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