Botany: inside stems

  1. tissue
    a group of cells of the same type having a common function
  2. xylem
    a water conducting tissue in plants
  3. phloem
    the food conducting tissue of plants
  4. molecule
    a chemically bonded group of atoms
  5. organ
    a part of a plant, composed of different tissues, that acts as a functional unit
  6. organism
    a living plant or animal
  7. epidermis
    the outer layer of cells on an herbaceous cell
  8. cuticle
    a waxy layer on the outside of leaves, herbaceous stems and fruits
  9. glaucous
    smooth and having a waxy bloom
  10. pubescent
    having short hairs
  11. epidermal hair
    a filament of cells arising from an epidermal cell
  12. cortex
    the region in roots and stems immediately inside the epidermis
  13. cutin
    the waxy substance forming a cuticle layer
  14. pith
    a region of parenchyma cells at the center of a stem
  15. vascular plant
    any plant containing water- and food-conducting tissues
  16. vascular bundle
    a strand of conducting tissue containing xylem and phloem
  17. primary growth
    growth arising from cellular activities on apical meristems
  18. primary tissue
    a tissue formed during primary growth
  19. primary phloem
    food-conducting tissue formed by growth activities originating in apical meristems
  20. primary xylem
    water-conducting tissue formed by growth activities originating in apical meristems
  21. secondary phloem
    food-conducting tissue formed by the vascular cambium
  22. secondary xylem
    water-conducting tissue formed by the vascular cambium
  23. vascular cambium
    a narrow cylinder of cells that gives rise to secondary xylem and phloem; a lateral meristem
  24. cork cambium
    a layer of cells in the bark giving rise to the cork; a lateral meristem
  25. cork
    the protective, outer tissue of the bark
  26. wood
    the dense tissue composed of secondary xylem in stems and roots
  27. suberin
    a fatty plant substance present in the walls of cork cells; waterproofing
  28. scion
    a plant part inserted into a root stock during grafting
  29. stock
    a rooted plant into which a scion is inserted during grafting
  30. sapwood
    the outer, light colored, water-conducting region of secondary xylem
  31. heartwood
    the central, dark colored portion of secondary xylem in a tree trunk
  32. vascular ray
    a narrow sheet of cells running radially across the secondary vascular tissues of a stem or root
  33. annual ring
    a cylinder of secondary xylem added to the wood in a single growing season
  34. springwood
    xylem laid down by the vascular cambium in spring and early summer; also called earlywood
  35. summerwood
    xylem laid down by the vascular cambium in late summer; also called latewood
  36. fiber
    a long, thick-walled cell that dies at maturity
  37. amylase
    an enzyme that breaks down starch
  38. lignin
  39. pilose
    long soft hair
  40. hirscute
    hairy (long beard)
  41. rugose
    rough hair
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Botany: inside stems
Botany: inside stems