Anatomy, Forelimb

  1. Nerve that innervates the trapezius
  2. Nerve(s) that innervate the brachiocephalicus
    • Accessory
    • Cervical
    • Axillary
  3. Nerve(s) that innervates the Latissimus dorsi
    Thoracodorsal n
  4. Nerve(s) that innervates the deep pectoral mm
    Pectoral Nerves from brachial plexus
  5. Nerve(s) that innervates the Serratus ventralis
    long thoracic nerves
  6. Nerve(s) that innervates the rhomboideus
    Dorsal Branches of caudal cervical
  7. Nerve(s) that innervates the Subclavius
    Pectoral n
  8. Nerve(s) that innervates the Supraspinatus
    Suprascapular n
  9. Nerve(s) that innervates the Infraspinatous
    Suprascapular n
  10. Nerve(s) that innervates the Deltoideus
  11. Nerve(s) that innervates the subscapularis
  12. Nerve(s) that innervates the teres major
    Axillary n
  13. Nerve(s) that innervates the choracobrachialis
  14. Nerve(s) that innervates the Biceps Brachii
  15. Nerve(s) that innervates the Bracialis
    • Musculocutaneous
    • Radial (small amount)
  16. What muscle groups are innervated by the radial n
    • Extensors of the arm
    • Extensors and Flexors of the carpus and digits
    • (as well as the bracialis, which is a flexor of the arm)
  17. Estensors of the arm=
    • Triceps Brachii
    • Tensor Fascia Antebrachii
    • Lacertus Fibrosus
  18. Extensors of the carpus and digits
    • Extensor Carpi Radialis
    • Common Digital Extensor
    • Lateral Digital Extensor
    • Extensor Carpi Obliquus
    • (Ulnaris Lateralis- which is a FLEXOR)
  19. Flexors of the Carpus and Digits
    • Flexor Carpi Radialis
    • Flexotr Carpi Ulnaris
    • SDF
    • DDF
  20. Actions of the Trapezius
    • Abductor of scapula
    • Swings Scapula Back and Forth
  21. Actions of Brqachiocephalicus
    • Advances Forelimb
    • Turns neck to the side
  22. Actions of the Latissimus dorsi
    • Retractor of forelimb
    • (antag of braciocephalicus)
  23. Actions of Superficial pectoral
    Adduction of Forelimb
  24. Actions of the Deep Pectoral
    Retractor and Adductor of forelimb
  25. Actions of serratus ventralis
    Suspends the trunk between the forelimbs
  26. The Subclavius originates....
    Cranial to the Deep Pectoral
  27. Actions/Functions of the Supraspinatus
    • Extend Shoulder Joint
    • Stabilizes the shoulder joint
  28. Actions/Functions of the Infraspinatus
    • Collateral Lig of Shoulder
    • Stabilizes the Shoulder
    • Abduction of Shoulder (2')
  29. Actions/Functions of the Deltoideus
    • Flexor of the Shoulder
    • Abduction (2')
  30. Actions/Functions of the Subscapularis m
    Stabilizes the shoulder
  31. Actions/Functions of the Teres Major
    • Flexor of the shoulder
    • Adducts the arm
  32. Actions/Functions of the Coracobrachialis
    Adductor of the arm
  33. Actions/Functions of the Biceps Brachii
    • Fixation of the Shoulder Joint
    • Extends Shoulder
  34. Capped elbow-
    Inflammation of one of the bursa btw the triceps brachii and olecranon or btw tricep and skin
  35. Actions/Functions of the Lacertus Fibrosis
    Keeps shoulder joint and carpal joint extended (stay app of forelimb)
  36. Lacertus Fibrosus extends from the ____ to the _____
    • biceps brachii
    • extensor carpi radialis
  37. Extensor retinuaculum is located at the ____ and secures the ____mm
    • carpus
    • Extensors of the carpus and digits
  38. Flexor Retinaculum is located at the ____ and secures the ___mm
    • Caudal Carpus
    • Flexors of the carpus and digits
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