Spanish-regular ar verbs

  1. ayudar
    to help
  2. buscar
    to look for
  3. cantar
    to sing
  4. charlar
    to chat
  5. comprar
    to buy
  6. consultar
    to check/to look up
  7. cuidar
    to take care of
  8. desear
    to want, to wish
  9. dibujar
    to draw
  10. ensenar
    to teach
  11. entregar
    to hand in, to hand over
  12. escuchar
    to listen
  13. esperar
    to hope, to wait (for)
  14. estudiar
    to study
  15. explicar
    to explain
  16. ganar
    to earn, to win
  17. gastar
    to spend
  18. hablar
    to speak
  19. invitar
    to invite
  20. limpiar
    to clean
  21. llamar
    to call
  22. llevar
    to take, to carry
  23. mandar
    to send
  24. mirar
    to look at, to watch
  25. necesitar
    to need
  26. pagar
    to pay
  27. practicar
    to practice
  28. preparar
    to prepare
  29. sacar
    to take, to get
  30. terminar
    to finish
  31. tocar
    to play (an instrument)
  32. tomar
    to take, to drink
  33. trabajar
    to work
  34. usar
    to use
  35. viajar
    to travel
  36. visitar
    to visit
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