Respiratory System Review

  1. What does the respiratory system do?
    • supply the blood with oxygen and dispose of carbon dioxide
    • respiration
  2. Define pulmonary ventilation:
    moving air into and out of the lungs
  3. Define external repiration:
    gas exchange between the lungs and the blood
  4. Define internal respiration:
    gas exchange between systemic blood vessels and tissues
  5. Inspiration is when:
    air flows into the lungs
  6. Expiration is when:
    gases exit the lungs
  7. Define tidal volume and figure:
    • air that moves into and out of the lungs with each breath
    • approximately 500 ml
  8. Define vital capacity, forumla and figure:
    • the total amount of exchangeable air
    • TV + IRV + ERV
    • 4800 ml
  9. Define expiratory reserve volume and figure:
    • air that can be evacuated form the lungs after a tidal expiration
    • 1200 ml
  10. Define inspiratory reserve volume and figure:
    • air that can be inspired forcibly beyond the tidal volume
    • 3100 ml
  11. Formula of minute respiratory volume:
    • TV x BPM (breath per minute)
    • MRV ______ ml/min
  12. Define bronchial sounds:
    produced by air rushing throught hte large respiratory passage ways (the trachea and the bronchi)
  13. Define vesicular breathing sounds:
    results from air filling the alveolar sacs and resembles the sound of rustling or muffled breeze
  14. The lungs do not contain:
    muscle and that respirations are caused by external forces
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