Art 101

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    Saint Matthew, Ebbo Gospels, ink and tempera, 816

    S,E,I 816
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    Dionysiac mystery frieze, Second style wall painting room 5 of the Villa of Mysteries, Pompii Italy 50BCE

    D,S,P 50BCE
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    Ara Pacis Augutae, Rome Italy, made of marble, 10 BCE

    APA,M,R 10BCE
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    Lamentation over the dead Christ, wall painting, Macedonia 1164 AD

    L,W,M 1164AD
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    Abraham and the three angels, tempera and gold leaf on velium, Paris France 1250 AD

    A,T,P 1250AD
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    Arch of Constatine, Rome Itlay, 300AD

    A,R 300AD
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    Chi-rho-iota, Book of Kels, Velium and tempera, Scotland 800AD

    C,B,V,S 800AD
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