Breast PD

  1. Inflamation and infection of breast tissue, characterized by sudden onset of swelling, tenderness, errythema, and head
  2. Inflamation and irritation fo the breast caused by Staphyloccal aureus
  3. Inflamation and infection of the breast that can occur n lactating women often in the second or third week after birth, does not indicate to stop lactating
  4. Lactation not associated with pregnancy, most commonly associated with drugs. Intrisic causes include prolactin secreting tumors, pituitary tumors, pothyroidism, cushings
  5. Inflamation of sebaceous glands in the areola, that may become tender and suppurative
    Retention cysts
  6. Smooth firm mobile tender disk of breast tissue locted behind the aerola in men
    Adult Gynecomastia
  7. Red scaling crusty patch forms on the nipple, areola, and surronding skin and appear eczamatous, manifesting due to underlying ductal carcinoma
    Paget disease
  8. Tumors of the subaerola duct, must be excised to rule out malignacy
    Intraductal papillomas and papillomatosis
  9. benign tumors composed of stromal and epithelial elements that represent hyperplastic or proliferative of a single teerminal duct
  10. Benign cyst formation associated with a long follicular or luteal phase of the menstral cycle ages 30-55
    Fibrocystic changes
  11. Documentation of breast masses by
    • Location
    • Size
    • Shape
    • Consistancy
    • Tenderness
    • Mobility
    • Borders
    • Retraction
  12. What part of your fingers is more sensitive
    Finger pads, more than tips
  13. Should nipple depression be preformed during a breast exan
    No, unless the patient complains of nipple discharge
  14. During breast palpitation, Having a patient lay supine with a small pillow under thier arm pit, and thier arm above thier head, what is this for?
    To spread the brest tissue evenly over the chest wall
  15. Retraction and dimpling of the nipple signify what
    Contraction fo fibrotic tissue with carcinoma
  16. appearance of skin indicating edema of the breast caused by blocked lymph drainage in advanced inflamatory carcinoma
    A peua d orange
  17. Supernuminary nipples is more common in whom
    Black women
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