1. Define Alveoli
    Gas exchanging portion of the lung is made up of millions of tiny air sacs.
  2. Define Bronchioles
    The bronchi continue to branch in a treelike fashion which connect the larger conducting airways with the lung parenchyma.
  3. Define Ventilation
    The physical process of moving air into and out of the lungs so gas exchange can take place.
  4. Define Diffusion:
    Oxygen and carbon dioxide move between the alveoli and the blood by this process in which molecules move from an area of greater concentration or pressure to an area of lower concentration of pressure.
  5. Define Apnea
    Cessation of breathing of 20 seconds or longer.
  6. Define Forced Inspired Oxygen Concentration (FIO2)
    The percentage of oxygen humans berathe, remains stable at around 21% when breathing "room air".
  7. Define Respiration:
    Specific physiologic conditions, level of general health, lifestyle, and environment affect the process.
  8. Define Bronchospasm:
    Small airways become edematous, mucus production increases and inflammatory chemical mediators.
  9. Define Atelectasis:
    Stiffer lungs (or lungs not allowed to expand fully) tend to collapse, and their alveoli also collapse.
  10. Define Hemoptysis:
    Coughing up of blood
  11. Define Dyspnea
    Subjective feeling of labored breathing and breathlessness.
  12. Define Cyanosis:
    A bluishskin discoloration caused by a desaturation of oxygen on the hemoglobin in the blood.
  13. Define Hypoxia
    Decreased amount of oxygen available to tissues.
  14. Define Hyposemia:
    Very slow breathing (low oxygen levels in the blood) and Hpercapnia (abnormally high carbon dioxide in the blood)
  15. Define Hyperventilation:
    A PaCO2 lower than 34 mmHg. Breathing in excess of metabolic needs.
  16. Define Hypoventilation:
    PaCO2 above 45 mm Hg, breathing rate and depth are insufficient to clear carbon dioxide adequately from the blood.
  17. Define Oxygen Saturation:
    Goal is to maintain PaO2 above 60 mmHg or the SaO2 aobve 93%.
  18. Define Splinting:
    Support of incisional area with a pillow, using it to immobilize a wound.
  19. Define Tracheostomy
    An artificial airway consiting of a plalstic tube surgically implanted just below the larnx into the trachea. The tube bypasses the mouth and upper airway.
  20. Define Arterial Blood Gas (ABG)
    Provides more specific information concerning client response to oxygentherapy
  21. Define Pulse Oximetry
    A reading from a oximeter registering arterial oxygen.
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