Intro to pharmacology

  1. Parmacology
    study of drugs and theirs effects on living organisms
  2. Drug
    Chemical material that breaks down in your body.
  3. Dose
    the amount of a drug given at any single time
  4. Dosage
    the total amount of a medication given in a time period of 24 hours
  5. What does the effect or action depend on?
    how it's prescribed
  6. What is a systemic action/effect?
    when a drug is absorbed throughout the blood stream and circulated to the desired site
  7. Theraputic effect
    desired effect
  8. Palliative Effect
    Ease up symptoms but doesn't cure a disease
  9. Hypersensitivity
    allergic reaction
  10. Adverse Reaction
    undesired reaction to drug and includes a allergic reaction
  11. Overdose
    to much med. for the system.
  12. Contraindication
    Provoke or worsen a disease when given
  13. Indiosyncratic
    unexpected response to a drug & frequently the opposite of desired effect
  14. Drug dependent
    a person has an uncontrollable desire for a drug
  15. Stimulant
    A drug or substance that increase the activity of the brain
  16. Depressant
    Drug or substance that decrease activity of the brain
  17. Synergistic/ Potentiate
    When two drugs or substances are given together to enhance the effect
  18. Tolerance
    When body gets use to a medication and require larger dose in order to have an effect
  19. Drug Resistance
    When a drug is given to destroy or stop the growth of pathogens no longer works
  20. Pharmakinetics
    • What happens the drug after its administration
    • (movement of drugs throughout the body)
  21. Absorption
    a passage of a drug into the bloodstream
  22. Distribution
    How drug reach site
  23. Matabolism
    How body inactivate the drug
  24. Excretion
    How the drugs or waste leave the body through kidneys
  25. Half-Life
    Duration of the action of the drug in the body
  26. cumulation
    • the effects the occur when drugs are predestroyed or excreted too slowly
    • (build up of medication)
  27. Bioavailability
    How much available for body
  28. Factors that influence drug effect
    • * Age
    • * Weight
    • * Sex
    • * Pathology
    • * Dosage form
    • * Time Adm.
  29. Sources of medications
    • * Plants & Herbs
    • * Animals
    • * Minerals
  30. Formulary
    A big book that list medications that each hospital have
  31. Generic Name
    Chemical Name (actual name)
  32. Trade Name
    • Manufactures Name
    • (ex. Tylenol)
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