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  1. Who can authorize undercover operationsin case of emergency?
    only the District Director at the INS District or the Chief Patrol Agent at the BP Sector can authorize an undercover operation.
  2. What form is used to request undercover operations?
    Form SF-819
  3. To whom do you refer news reporters and the like for interviews or information?
    Refer them to the Public Information Officer. (PIO)
  4. What are some ways that you can dissaminate information?
    writting a G-392 (intel form), calling other stations, notifying agents at your station.
  5. Which form is the "BP request for Official Time for Union Business"?
    Form G-955
  6. Which form is used to designate a union representative and authoriize release of personal information to your union?
    Form G-956
  7. Which form is the "Outside Employement or Business Request"?
    Form G-843A
  8. Who can authorize outside employement?
    for BP, only the Chief Patrol Agent can authorize outside employement.
  9. Which form do you need in an A-File in which the suspect does NOT have his/her passport?
    information for Travel Document or Passport, "Form I-217"
  10. Who gives you authority to carry a firearm?
    AM 20.012: The authority of certain Immigration Officers to carry firearms is derived from the Attorney General's statutory (INA 103) responsibility for the enforcement of the Immigration Laws." "Section 287(a)(5) of the INA provides that, under regulations prescribed by the AG, an Officer of the Service may carry firearms"
  11. In what section of law is your arrest authority spelled out?
    your arrest authority is spelled out in INA Section 287 to arrest for administrative and criminal violations.
  12. Agent X is involved in a shooting. Within what time frame must he report it to his supervisor?
    Agent X must report the shooting incident within an hour.
  13. After Agent X's Shooting incident, how long does a supervisor have to report it to his supervisors?
    Agent X's Supervisor must report the shooting incident to his Supervisor within an hour.
  14. What is the section number for Firearms Policy Administrative Manuel?
    AM 20.012, Firearms Policy
  15. Can you prosecute a USC for High Speed Flight from an Immigration Checkpoint and if so, is it a misdemeanor or a felony offense?
    yes and it is a felony.
  16. Within what time frame must vehicle pursuit reports be made?
    Pursuing agent by the end of shift must make Vehicle Pursuit Report. The sector office must contact Headquarters in Washington within 72 hours to inform them of the incident.
  17. If the local law enforcement organization calls you and tells you that they know of several illegal aliens present in a hotel, what should you do?
    Obtain a "Blackie's" warrant.
  18. Which of the following is the Chain of Custody Form?
    Chain of Custody Form is the I-641.
  19. What is an I-641A?
    The I-641A is the Evidence Label.
  20. What is the minimum amount of time must a supervisors give an employee before a change in the daily schedule?
    Supervisors must give a 24-hour minimum advance notice before changing the daily schedule.
  21. Which of the following forms is the "Notice of Custody Determination" in an A-File?
    Notice of Custody Determination form is the I-286.
  22. To cancel a Border Crosser Card (BCC), which form would you use?
    you would use the I-275 form to cancel a Border Crosser Card.
  23. Which of the following form is the "Warrant of Removal or Deportation"?
    Warrant of Removal or Deportation form is I-205.
  24. To check the milage on any given service vehicle at any time, which form would you check?
    Check the Vehicle Mileage Log form G-205.
  25. Which of the following forms is the Vehicle Inventory Fleet Report used at the end of the month?
    Vehicle Inventory Fleet Report Form G-205A.
  26. Which of the following forms is included in a seized vehicle packet?
    In a seized vehicle packet, included forms I-43, Receipt of Property Seized
  27. What is the G-259?
    The G-259 is a bi-weekly form used to schedule agent's workdays, ADOD's, etc.
  28. How many days minimum prior to the start of next pay period must the bi-weekly schedule be posted?
    The bi-weekly must be posted at least five days prior to the begining of the pay period.
  29. Which of the following forms is the Motor Vehicle Accident Report?
    Motor Vehicle Accident Report form is the SF-91.
  30. Agent X backed into a private citizen's car. His unit sustains no damage, but the citizens car does. Which form should you give the private citizen?
    You should give the private citizen a Claim for Damage, Injury, or Death, SF-95.
  31. If there are any witnesses to the above- mention accident, which form should you give the witnesses?
    Ask the witnesses to fill out a Statement of Witness, SF-94
  32. Which form is used to file general complaints and is called Report of Complaint?
    Report of Complaint form, I-847
  33. To take a sworn statement from a subject, which form would you use?
    To take a sworn statement you would use either a G-215 or a G-263
  34. Which form does employees to report how much AUO they worked in a pay period and the reason for working that AUO?
    to report the amount and reason for AUO worked, use G-1012.
  35. What is an SF-1012
    it is a Travel Voucher form SF-1012
  36. You have a 10-45, one driver and five aliens. None of them are the registered owner of the vehicle. But the driver states that he knew the aliens he was transporting were in the United States illegaly. Can you seize the car?
    no, you need knowledge by the owner of the vehicle that the aliens being trasported were illegaly in the U.S.
  37. What can you charge the driver with?
    the driver can be charge with 8 USC 1324 alien smuggling.
  38. Where is your authority to seize vehicles or conveyances for violation of 8 USC 1324 found?
    the authority to seize vehicles or conveyances used for alien smuggling, transporting, etc. is found in INA 274
  39. What is an SF-1187?
    it is a Request for Payroll Deduction for Labor Organization Dues, SF-1187
  40. What is an SF-1188?
    it is a Cancellation of Payroll Deductions for Labor Organization Dues, SF-1188.
  41. Agent X was jumped (assaulted) by an alien. which form should you file?
    File form G-725, Report of assault on Service Employee(s).
  42. You are a supervisor in the processing room, there's an injured alien that does not want to file a complaint. What should you do?
    if alien does not want to file a complaint, give medical attention and document the incident.
  43. How many days does an employee have to file an EEO complaint form the date it occurs or the date he/she is made aware of the occurence?
    employees have 45 days from the date the incident occured or they were made aware to file an EEO complaint.
  44. A Canadian vessel enters US territorial water near the lakes. It has already crossed the boundary and is considered to be on US territory. Where do you find the authority to board it and search for aliens?
    to board and search anywhere in the United States, INA 235.
  45. Where do you find the authority to board a vessel one mile off the coast of the Florida Peninsula?
    to board and search within a reasonable distance (100 miles) from the border, INA 287
  46. As a Supervisor, which form would you need to file to release an injured service employee back to work?
    to release an employee back to work after an injury. Surpervisor must file out a CA-5
  47. You question this dude. He tells you he's a USC. He later breaks and says he is a Mexican. What is the charge for False Claim to US Citizenship?
    False Claim to US Citizenship, 18 USC 911
  48. Agent X gets hurt on the job. When does Continuation of Pay (COP) begin for Agent X and what is the maximum amount of days that he can get?
    COP begins the day immediately following the date of injury, up to 45 calendar days.
  49. Does Agent X need to file an SF-71 for his COP? When does an Agent need to file an SF-71?
    Agent X does not need to file an SF-71 for COP. An Agent needs to file an SF-71 to request AL or SL.
  50. To justify the use of deadly force, as per AM 20.012 (FIREAMRS POLICY), what 3 elements are needed?
    the 3 elements that must be present are: 1) Means, 2) Intent, 3) opportunity.
  51. Agent X gets arrested for domestic violence. What policy has he violated?
    agent X has violated the firearm policy, AM 20.012
  52. Does an I-44 need to be included in seizure packet?
    an I-44 does not need to be included in a seizure packet.
  53. Who do you address the I-44?
    you address the I-44 to the person whom you are turning the subject or seized item(s) to.
  54. What is an I-200 form?
    an I-200 is the Warrant of Arrest form
  55. What is an I-286 form?
    an I-286 is the Notice of custody Determination form.
  56. What is an I-862 form?
    an I-862 is the Notice to Appear form
  57. What is an I-826 form?
    an I-826 is the Notice of Rights and Request for Disposition.
  58. What is an I-770 form?
    an I-770 is the Notice of Rights and Request for Disposition for Juveniles form
  59. What is the administrative manual number of the pursuit policy?
    the administrative manual number for the Pursuit Policy is AM 4214.01
  60. You are at a checkpoint and you are interviewing a young man. He says that he is a student and shows you his F-1 and a valid I-20AB. On what system do you check his information on?
    CIS, NAILS, CLAIMS or Non-Immigrant System Student Visa.
  61. Who can authorize this individual to work and what documents must he have?
    an F-1 student can only work part time w/ permission from Designated School Official of the School he is attending, and he must have his F-1 visa and a valid I-20AB
  62. What is a CA-1?
    A CA-1 is the Report of Traumatic Injury form.
  63. What is a CA-2?
    A CA-2 is the Report of Exposure to a Communicable Disease form.
  64. What is a CA-3?
    A CA-3 is the Report or Re-Occuring Injury form.
  65. What is a CA-5?
    A CA-5 is the Supervisors Release form.
  66. What is a CA-16
    A CA-16 is the Authorization for Payment for Medical Services form.
  67. What is a CA-17?
    A CA-17 is the Doctor's Release form.
  68. What is an FD-249 form?
    an FD-249 form is the Fingerprint Card.
  69. What is an R-84 form?
    an R-84 form is the Final Disposition Report.
  70. What is an I-871 form?
    An I-871 is the Notice of Intent/Decision to Reinstate Prior Order
  71. What is an I-203 form?
    an I-203 is the Order to Detain or Release Alien
  72. What is an I-210 form
    an I-210 is the Voluntary Departure Notice.
  73. What is an I-213 form?
    an I-213 is the Record of Deportable/Inadmissible Alien
  74. What is an I-214 form?
    An I-214 is the Warning as to Rights.
  75. What is an I-220A form?
    an I-220A is the Order to Release on Recognizance.
  76. What is an I-247 form?
    an I-247 is the Immigration Detainer.
  77. What is an I-385 form?
    an I-385 is the Alien Booking Record .
  78. What is an I-620 form?
    an I-620 is the Record of Seized Vehicle.
  79. What is an I-830 form?
    an I-830 is the Notice to Executive Office of immigration Review (EOIR): Alien Address
  80. What is an G-166 form?
    a G-166 is the Report of Investigation.
  81. What is an I-44 form?
    an I-44 is the report of Apprehension or Seizure. Used for Contraband seizures and arrest of USC's.
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