1. Imperfect Subjunctive
    take second principle part and add personal endings
  2. Subjunctive Mood
    used for indirect questions and subjunctive clauses
  3. Pluperfect Subjunctive in Active Voice
    take third principle part and add -isse and personal endings
  4. Clauses in Subjunctive
    • indirect
    • circumstantial
    • clausal
  5. Cum Clausal
    translate as... because
  6. Cum Circumstantial
    translate as... when
  7. Question Words
    • when...
    • why...
  8. Present Participle used Substantively
    words that function as nouns
  9. Nominative Singular Present Particple
    - ns
  10. Genitive Singular Present Participle
    - nt
  11. Semi-Deponent Verb
    • verbs that re made from the third principle part
    • soleo, solere, solitus - to be accostumed
    • audeo, audere, ausus sum - to dare
    • guadeo, gaudere, gavisus sum - to be glad
  12. Acronym CTSDR
    cities, towns, small islands, domus, rus
  13. Accusative Case
    used to express... to which
  14. Locative Case
    used to which
  15. Ablative Case
    used to express...from which
  16. Differences between quot and quotus
    • quot- requires answer from cardinal column
    • quotus - requires answer from ordinal column
  17. Latin Number 1 -10
    unus, duo, tres, quattor, quinque, sex, septem, octo, novem, decim
  18. Number 50
  19. What did pirates usually attack?
    coastal towns and roads
  20. What did pirates do with captured people?
    sell them as slaves
  21. How did Julies Caesar manage to obtain freedom when kidnapped?
    • had traveling companions raise money to buy him from the pirates
    • then he set out after the pirates with a fleet and conquered and punished them
  22. Who was given authority to conquer the pirates?
    Pompey the Great with a fleet
  23. Cicero's Death
    • fell victim to proscriptions of the second triumvirate
    • his head and hands were put on display on the Rostra in the Forum
  24. Who were the men in the second triumvirate?
    • Octavian
    • Antony
    • Caesar's old lieutenant Lepidus
  25. Who fought in the battle of Actium?
    Octavian and Antony
  26. Another name for Hesperia
    the West Italy
  27. Dido the Queen of...
  28. Poem discussed in school
    Vergil's from Aeneas' book
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