Industry Terms

  1. Pinch Rollers
    • Hold the material in place and can be moved to different
    • positions to accommodate different sizes of media
  2. Dongle
    • Software protection device that is required to run a program,
    • usually looks like a flash drive that plugs in via USB
  3. Doming
    • Liquid that is squirted on to a decal, dries and hardens to form a
    • protective layer and creates a 3D effect
  4. Vector
    Line art required for cutting shapes
  5. Bitmap
    • Photograph, when magnified on screen you see dots making up the
    • image, cannot be cut needs to be converted to a vector first
  6. Materials for cutting
    Premium(cast), Intermediate, Sandblast Stencil, Paint mask, Specialty
  7. Premium(cast)
    7 Year outdoor durable vinyl, 2 mills thick, no memory, high gloss
  8. Intermediate (Calendared)
    • 3-5 Year outdoor durable vinyl, 3.5 mills thick, memory tends to
    • cause shrinkage, semi-gloss
  9. Sandblast Stencil
    • Thick rubber material that is applied to wood or granite, the image area
    • is sandblasted to create an impression
  10. Paint Mask
    • Image area is painted, used on aircraft, vehicles, crates, sidewalks,
    • etc
  11. Specialty
    • Many customers call with unique requests, such as magnetic, styrene and
    • banner materials. Always suggest sending
    • a sample for testing, often we are surprised what can be cut
  12. Cutting Software
    • Corel Draw X5
    • FlexiSign
    • SignLab
  13. Primary Vinyl Cutter
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