Vinyl Cutter Terms and Features

  1. SummaCut
    • Our entry level model that competes with other brands top model,
    • includes all of the core feature that are important to have on a cutter
  2. S Class
    • Extra heavy duty, dual motors to pull material through, touch
    • screen keypad, auto cut off knife, basically has all of the “bells &
    • whistles”
  3. Drag Knife Head
    • The most common cutting head, swivels on corners and suitable for
    • cutting materials up to 30 mills
  4. Tangential Head
    • Unique motorized cutting head that picks up and turns on
    • corners, ideal for cutting the “extremes” small detail or thick materials with
    • ease resulting in greater efficiency
  5. Tracking
    • Refers to continuous feed length of material through machine,
    • often quoted by competitors as a feature with many of them guaranteeing 50
    • ft. Imagine 30” wide material feeding
    • through the machine that is held in with pressure rollers, the longer it
    • travels the more it moves and eventually it is completely out of alignment and
    • in some cases the rollers may move off the material. The true measurement of accuracy is
    • repeatability and it’s an educational process on the phone to make sure
    • customers are aware of the difference.
    • For example Graphtec guarantees 50 ft tracking but the repeatability is
    • only guaranteed for 80 inches
  6. Repeatability
    Refers to the longest cut accuracy, SummaCut 26 ft / S Class 40 ft
  7. Contour cutting
    Description for cutting around a printed image to make decals
  8. OPOS
    • The name for our contour cutting feature, the feature uses a
    • white light to sense a black 2 x 2 mm square registration mark
  9. OPOS Cam
    • as OPOS except it uses a digital camera sensor to snap a picture
    • of a registration mark resulting in 10 x faster sensing of registration marks
    • which can add up to saving a minute or two per job ($1500 upgrade)
  10. FlexCut
    • Rather than cutting vinyl material it perforates so the image
    • can be “punched” out of the media
  11. Cutting speed
    SummaCut 44 inches per second / S Class 56 IPS
  12. Smallest Cut
    1/8” on all Summa cutters
  13. Down Pressure
    Refers to how much force the cutting head can exert
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