Unit 3 Goverment Test

  1. What is bicameralism?
    A two house legislative body
  2. What are the qualifications for United States Senate?
    • 30 years old
    • Must be a citizen of the State elected in
    • US citizen for 9 years
  3. How long are senators in office?
    6 years
  4. What are the qualifications to be in the House of Representatives?
    • 25 years old
    • Must be a citizen of the State elected in
    • US citizen for 7 years
  5. How long are representatives in office?
    2 years
  6. What is the purpose of the commitee system? And whey do they do it that?
    A commutte system works for both houses of congress by handling different tasks. They do this because of the high volume of work and its complexity.
  7. What is the importance of being the majority party in Congress?
    It is important to be the majority party in Congress because then your party has more control of how they want the government to be.
  8. What are the four basic kinds of commitees in Congress?
    • Standing
    • Joint
    • Select
    • Sub-
  9. What is a standing commitee?
    A permanant commitee, as of a legislature, society,etc. intended to consider all matters pertaining to a designated subject.
  10. What is a joint commitee?
    A commitee appointed from both houses of a bicameral legislature in order to reach a compromise on their differences concerning a particular issue
  11. What is a select commitee?
    A commitee as of a legislative body that is formed to examine and report on a specific bill or issue.
  12. What is a Sub-Committee?
    A secondary committee apointer out of a main committee.
  13. What are the reasons, ideas, and processes for reapportionment of congressional districts?
  14. Who is the leader of the House of Representatives?
    Speaker of the House
  15. Who is the leader of the Senate?
    Vice President
  16. What are the functions of the leaders of Congress?
  17. Who is in charge of the Senate, if the vice president isn't avalible?
    Pro Tempore
  18. What is a filibuster? How do you end a filibuster?
    • A method of defeating a bill in the Senate by stalling the legislative process and preventing a vote.
    • You defeat it with a cloute, which makes it so that each senator may only speak one hour on a bill under debate
  19. What is the purpose of special interest groups?
  20. How do lobbyist (legally) influences memebers of Congress?
  21. What specific laws are in place to regulate lobbyist and political action committes?
  22. What is the answer to number 23 if you trust him? If you dont trust him?
    • b (trust)
    • a (dont trust)
  23. How many memebers of Congress represent Georgia?
  24. What are the four role of a member of Congress?
    • Trustee
    • Delegates
    • Partisans
    • Politicos
  25. How do trustees vote?
    Vote on what they feel is right, not what the voters say.
  26. How do delegates vote?
    They vote on what the voters want, despite what they think is right.
  27. How do partisans vote?
    Vote based off how there party is going to
  28. How do politicos vote?
    They try to balance how all the other ways that you can vote
  29. What are benefits of the Committee System in Congress?
  30. What are possible reasons that the House is considered more representative of the people than the Senate?
    Because senate handles things within a large nation. While the representatives handle local things.
  31. What are benefits of "gerrymandering" to a politcal party?
    With Gerrymandering it can impact who has control within the state legislature. There are two main methods for Gerrymandering. Packing (keeping political groups together) and Cracking (breaking up political parties to make them weaker)
  32. What committee is permanate and remains?
  33. How long do you have to be to be a citizen and how old do you have to be to be a representative?
    • 7 years
    • 25 years old
  34. Who is the head of the House of Representatives and what is his title?
    • John Boehner
    • Speaker of the House
  35. Who introduces a bill to Congress?
    A sponser
  36. Who is the head of Senate and what is his title?
    • Joe Biden
    • Vice President
  37. What is the process or alotment of representatives every ten years?
  38. Which members on Congress vote along party lines?
  39. What is a two house legislature called?
  40. What is the nickname for the person who serves as the depuety floor leader?
    A whip
  41. Who is the majority leader of the Senate?
    Harry Reid
  42. Which Congressional committee decides when a bill will be brought to the full house?
    Rules committee
  43. Why do members of the Senate serve 6 year terms and members of the house only serve 2?
    Because senate works more national and the house of representatives handles local things
  44. Which institution decides who will become president if there is a tie in the electoral college?
    The house
  45. What is the rule by which morer expirenced members become chair people?
    Senority Rule
  46. How long can a bill sit on the president's desk while the senate is in session?
    10 days
  47. What type of committee is created when there is a dispute between the house and senate form of the bill?
    A conference committee
  48. What is it called when a president doesn't act during that last ten days of session?
    Pocket Veto
  49. The process when state legislatures redistrict for public gain.
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