E9H block 4 VOCAB 6

  1. Abstruse
    • difficult to understand, recondite, concealed.
    • ex: Some info from Einstein were so abstruse that some physicists couldn't understand them.
  2. Affable
    • friendly, courteous, amiable.
    • ex: He had a very affable nature always saying "Hello" to everyone.
  3. Audacity
    rashness, bold, daring
  4. Contrite
    extremely apologetic, remorseful
  5. Credulous
    • believing on slight evidence, gullable
    • ex: The lady's horoscope told her to stay home so credulously she did.
  6. Depravity
    moral corruption, a wicked or perverse act
  7. Deprecate
    to disapprove greatley, to belittle to express mild disapproval
  8. Didactic
    instructive, designed to teach
  9. Dormant
    inactive, sleeping
  10. Enigmatic
    mysterious, inexplicable, puzzling
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E9H block 4 VOCAB 6
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