Chapter 4 & 5 Terms

    superfund, this federal legislation created a trust fund designed to finance the activities of the Envoronmental Protection Agency
  2. Ad valorem taxes
    taxes assessed against a real property; usually measured by the value of the real property being taxed
  3. Eminent domain
    power of govt. to take private property for public use
  4. Encumbrance
    a claim, charge, or liability on property, such as a lien or mortgage that lowers its value
  5. Lien
    money debt attatched to real property
  6. Prescriptive easement
    easement create when a persons use real property for a period of time without the owner's permission
  7. Servient tenement
    parcel of land on which an appurtenant easement is located
  8. Dominant tenement
    parcel of land benefited by an appurtenant easement
  9. Easement
    right granted to a nonowner of real property to use the real property for a specific purpose
  10. license
    a revocable privilege or permission to do an act or series of acts on land possessed by another
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