Anatomy Lecture 24

  1. Ureter gross anatomy
    • long muscular tubes connecting the kidneys to the bladder
    • they begin as a continuation of the renal pelvis at the level of L2
    • retroperitoneal and secured to the posterior abdominal
    • wall
    • when they enter the pelvis the penetrate the posterior
    • wall of the bladder at an oblique angle
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  3. histology of the ureter
    • three layers
    • mucosa: transitional epithelium on a lamina propria
    • muscularis: two layers of smooth muscle (inner longitudinal, outer circular)
    • adventitia: fibrous layer of connective tissue
    • peristaltic contractions of the muscularis in response to stimulation of stretch receptors
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  5. Urinary bladder gross anatomy:
    • collapsible, muscular sac
    • temporary storage for urine
    • retroperitoneal
    • in males it is located behind the pubic symphysis and in front of the rectum
    • in females it lies under the uterus and in front of the vagina
    • rugae
    • can hold up to one liter of urine
    • trigone: no rugae, apex
    • neck of the bladder: internal urethral sphincter, smooth muscle and involuntary
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  7. histology of ther urinary bladder
    • three layers:
    • mucosa: transitional epithelium on a lamina propria
    • muscularis: very thick layer of smooth muscle
    • adventitia: fibrous connective tissue except on the top of the bladder where it is covered with peritoneum
    • muscularis is called the detrusor muscle:
    • composed of three layers of smooth muscle: inner longitudinal, middle circular, outer longitudinal
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  9. Urethra gross anatomy:
    • thin walled muscular tube
    • in females it is about 3-4 cm long and is bound to the anterior vaginal wall
    • external opening is called the external urethral meatus
    • in males the urethra is about 20 cm long
    • prostatic urethra: 2.5 cm long and passes through the prostate gland
    • membranous urethra: 2 cm long, extends from the prostate to the beginning of the penis, passes through the muscular pelvic floor called the urogenital diaphragm
    • penile urethra: about 15 cm long, extends from the urogenital diaphragm and passes through the penis to open to the exterior at the external urethral meatus

    external urethral sphincter
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  11. histology of the urethra
    • in males the histology varies along the length of the urethra:
    • prostatic urethra: transitional epithelium
    • membranous urethra: stratified columnar with patches of pseudostratified columnar epithelium
    • penile urethra: stratified columnar with patches of pseudostratified columnar to stratified squamou
    • in females the epithelium is transitional near the bladder to stratified squamous
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  13. Micturition:
    • reflex arc
    • afferent sensory impulses to the spinal cord
    • efferent parasympathetic impulses to the bladder
    • afferent impulses to the brain
    • incontinence
    • urinary retention
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