PH Exam 2 Environmental Health

  1. (book) Discuss Rights to Know
    • About hazardous chemicals
    • Consumer confidence report (r/t water)
    • MSDS
  2. (book) Define Environmental Justice
    • Equal protection from environmental hazards for everyone
    • Applies to dev, implementation, and enforcement of laws, regulations, and policies
  3. Define Environment
    All that is external to the human host with which the host is constant interaction
  4. Define Environmental Health
    Freedom from illness or injury r/t exposure to toxins and other environmental conditions that are harmful to human health
  5. Define Toxicology
    Study of health effects associated with chemical or toxic exposures
  6. List Broad Catagories of Environmental Issues
    • Biological: fish, wildlife
    • Chemical: pesticides
    • Physical: radon, electricity
    • Psychosocial: noise pollution, lack of privacy
    • Natural: geographical- earthquakes, floods, tornados
  7. List Common Environmental Threats: Macroenvironment
    • Greenhouse effect
    • Ozone depletion- UV
    • Dec water quality and quantity
    • Environmental pollution- plastic
    • Deforestation
    • Soil Erosion
    • Loss of biodiversity
    • Overpopulation
  8. List Common Environmental Threats: CDC Hazard Exposure Categories
    • Biotoxins
    • Blister agents/ Vesicants
    • Blood agents
    • Caustics (acids)
    • Choking/ lung/ pulmonary agents
    • Incapacitating agents
    • Long-acting anticoagulants
    • Metals
    • Nerve agents
    • Organic solvents
    • Riot control agents/ tear gas
    • Vomiting agents
  9. List examples of Environmental Hazards in Kentucky
    • Superfund Sites (chemical spills not cleaned up)
    • Water Quality (drugs in water)
    • Lead poisoning (houses)
    • Bluegrass Depot
  10. List Environmental Health Effects
    • Effects of Health of the Broader Environment
    • Effects of Health of Populations
    • -respiratory
    • -neurotoxins
    • -hematoxins
    • -MM, eye toxins
    • -allergens
    • -reproductive toxins
    • -carcinogens
  11. List Environmental Health Competencies for Nurses
    • Basic knowledge and concepts
    • Assessment and referral
    • Advocacy, ethics, and risk communication
    • Legislation and regulation
  12. Discuss Nursing Process and Environmental Health Effects: Assess
    • Identify agent
    • Exposure: source, location, pathway, amount, length, risk for secondary exposure
    • Host susceptiblity
    • Health effect
  13. Discuss Nursing Process and Environmental Health Effects: Diagnose
    • Health effect
    • Population
    • Related environmental factors
  14. Discuss Nursing Process and Environmental Health Effects: Plan/ Implement
    • Stabilize
    • Reduce/ Eliminate Exposure
    • Provide Immediate Tx
    • Ongoing Intervention
    • Public Health Reporting
    • Advocate
  15. Discuss Plan/ Implement: Reduce/ Eliminate Exposure
    • Initiate protective measures
    • Remove persons from environment
    • Decontaminate person affected
    • Remove substance from environment
    • Control Exposure
  16. Discuss Plan/ Implement: Provide Immediate Tx
    • Render substance harmless: elimnating agent, blocking absorption, reversing the effect
    • Provide supportive tx based on route of exposure and effects
    • Tx specific agents if possible
    • Asymptomatic clients
    • Immediate post-exposure follow up
  17. Discuss Plan/ Implement: Ongoing Intervention
    • Support therapeutic plan
    • Monitor long-term consequences
    • Prevent continuing exposure
    • Educate
  18. Discuss Plan/ Implement: Public Health Reporting
    • Mandatory in KY:
    • Lead poisoning
    • Asbestosis
    • Coal Worker's Pneumonoconiosis (Black Lung)
    • Silicosis
  19. Discuss Plan/ Implement: Advocate
    • Individuals
    • Communities
    • Industry
    • Local and national public health infrastructure
    • Local, national, and international policy
  20. Discuss Nursing Process and Environmental Health Effects: Evaluate
    • Health outcome
    • Exposure elimination or control
    • Continued protection from environmental health hazards
    • Ongoing education and advocacy
  21. Discuss MSDS
    • Material Safety Data Sheet
    • Chemical or product specific health and safety reference that provides information on: exposure, properties, first aid, tx, safety
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