Science Chapter 13 Test

  1. Who prohibits dumping harmful materials into the ocean?
    the U.S. Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act
  2. Fertilizer that has drained into rivers and pollutes the oceans is an example of what type of pollution?
    nonpoint-source pollution
  3. Wave energy in the North Sea is strong enough to produce power for which country(s)
    England and Scotland
  4. Wave energy is an example of a________
    renewable resource
  5. The neritic zone and the oceanic zone are the 2 major zones in the...
    pelagic environment
  6. the intertidal zone of the benthic environment is located where?
    between low and high-tide limits
  7. What are the 2 major regions of the ocean floor?
    continental margin and deep-ocean basin
  8. the ocean's surface temperature varies with what 2 things?
    latitude and time of year
  9. the world's largest ocean
  10. the world's smallest ocean
    Arctic Ocean
  11. The most abundant dissolved salt in the ocean water is
    sodium chloride
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Science Chapter 13 Test
Science Chapter 13 Test