SOPs 2

  1. What is the CAD code for an elevator rescue?
  2. If a person is trapped in the mechanism of the elevator, what is the CAD code?
  3. To assist in the rescue or removal effort of a victim in an elevator, who should the first in officer ensure is enroute?
    Elevator maintenace technician
  4. When can you cut or pry on an elevator?
    Only in life or death situations
  5. What are the monthly training requirements?
    • One 3 hour drill
    • 20 hours of company training
    • One 3 hour MCD
  6. What are the yearly training requiremints?
    • 16 hours of officer training
    • 16 hours of driver training
  7. What are the mandatory drills?
    • EMT refresher
    • FRO training
    • Confined space
    • Respiratory
    • Wildland refresher
    • Any training deemed by Training Division
  8. What is the response to an above ground rescue?
    • 1 engine
    • 1 truck
    • bc
  9. What is the response to a below ground rescue?
    • 1 engine
    • 1 truck
    • bc
  10. What is the response to a train derailment?
    • 2 engines
    • 1 truck
    • 1 squad
    • BC
    • AMR
  11. What is the response to a static hazmat?
    1 engine code 2
  12. What is the response to a active hazmat release?
    • 2 engines
    • 1 truck
    • 1 squad
    • BC
    • AMR
  13. What do you use as a incident number for a medical aid on a strike team?
    The Riverside City Mutual Aid Incident number and a sequential alpha designator for multiple patients
  14. What is the C.A.R.E. sytem and who is on it?
    • It is the Critical Assistance Response Employee
    • All off duty BCs
    • All Division Chiefs
    • RCFA reps
  15. What does "3 stripes you're out" mean?
    If you see the strainds of type, that signifies that there is a life safety hazard and to stay away
  16. How low can a mustache go below the corner of the lip?
    1/2 inch
  17. What is the minimum staffing for units?
    • Engine truck minimum 3
    • Squad minimum 2
    • Never go below 2 and you must have BC approval for this
  18. What form do you fill out for a complaint.
    The complaint control form
  19. What are some examples of complaints?
    • Sexual Harassment/Discrimination
    • Criminal Conduct
    • Racial/enthnic slurs
    • Poor service
    • Discourtesy
    • Improper Procedure
    • Conduct Unbecoming (CUBO)
  20. What are the 5 levels of disipline a Captain can administer?
    • Informal Counseling
    • Documentation of Counseling
    • Performance Contract
    • Written Admonishment
    • Written Reprimand
  21. What will a complaint by a citizen be classified as?
    A citizen complaint
  22. What will a complaint by an employee or a supervisor be classified as?
    An internal complaint
  23. What are the 5 possible findings of a complaint investigation?
    • Unfounded
    • Exonerated
    • Not Sustained
    • Sustained
    • Misconduct Noted
  24. For Departmental purposes, complaint files will be stored under what 3 file categories?
    • Complaints directed at individual conduct
    • Complaints directed at group conduct
    • Internal Complaints
  25. How many days does the operations deputy chief have to notify a compaintant in writing about a complaint?
    30 days
  26. The letter sent to the complaintant will only include what info?
    • Findings of the investigation
    • Definition of the findings
    • Name of the investigator
  27. If during an investigation it is determined that the employee could be subject to punitive action, what form will the employee be given?
    Admonition Form
  28. How long will complaint files be maintained?
    • Arson 5 years
    • All others 2 years
  29. How long does an employee have to send a rebuttal if he/she disagrees with the disipline findings?
    30 days
  30. What is the minimum amount of hours between consuming alcohol and repoeting to work?
    4 hours
  31. What is the unacceptable blood alcohol limit?
    0.02 or greater
  32. What form do you fill out when an employee is hurt but does not require medical care?
    Supervisors First Report of Incident/Mishap
  33. What forms do you fill out if there is an injury to an employee that requires to seek medical care?
    • Supervisors First Report of Incident/Mishap
    • DWC-1
    • The employees Claim for Workers Compensation Benefits
  34. Who do you call to get authorization for workers comp?
    The Workers Compensation Office
  35. What are the strike team forms to be filled out?
    • F-101
    • F-103
    • F-157
    • F-42
  36. What records are considered permenent?
    • Fire reports
    • Fire story
    • Investigation
    • Accident reports
    • Personnel files
  37. How many people can be off on cto-p at one time?
    • 6
    • 2 in each rank
  38. When must you request cto-p?
    At least 12 hours before
  39. Whats the minimum and maximum hour use of cto-p?
    • No less that 2 hours
    • No more that 6 hours
  40. When are cylinder inventories done?
    • June first
    • December first
  41. How do you enter a cylinder inventory?
    • Go on Visions
    • select equipent
    • select SCBA equipment
    • for field select equipment type
    • operator select contains
    • value select cylinder
  42. How do you enter o2 bottles for inventory?
    • G drive
    • ops
    • oxygen program
    • oxygen inventory
  43. Who must you contact before requesting a chaplin?
    The BC
  44. What age of children is required for safe surrender?
    Less than 72 hours
  45. What is the notification term for dispatch if the is a safe surrender situation?
    Code Surrender
  46. When is a captain required to call out an investigator?
    • 1. cant find a cause
    • 2. fires with serious injury death or explpsions
    • 3. $100,000 loss or more
    • 4. second or greater alarm fire
    • 5. suspisous orgin
    • 6. suspected device
    • 7.suspects on scene
    • 8. possible city liability
    • 9. public buildings, hospitals, care facilities
  47. How many sand bags are each station?
    • 200 at 1,2,and3
    • 100 at the rest
  48. How often is the emergency drinking water rotated?
    Once every 5 years starting in 2000
  49. What is ERT and what do they do?
    • Enviromental Response Team.
    • The can pick waste oil, paint, batteries
  50. What are the different sizes that can be requested for dirt from public works?
    • 1/2 ton = pick up truck
    • 3 yards/4 tons = six wheeler
    • 7 tons = five yard dump truck
    • 8 yards 12 tons = ten wheeler dump truck
  51. What does the first company officer do when he is on scene of a hazmat?
    • Isolate
    • Evacuate
    • Notify
  52. When there has been an exposure, who do you notify and with what info?
    • Battation Chief
    • Incident number
    • name of patient
    • name of RFD exposed
  53. What is the response to a swift water rescue call?
    • 2 engines
    • 1 truck
    • BC
    • AMR
  54. What are Water Rescue Alerts 1,2,and three?
    • Alert 1 = Heavy rains predicted
    • Alert 2 = Actual flooding/heavy rains
    • alert 3 = Rescues in progress
  55. What are the "A" shift detail assignments for BC and captain?
    Overall maintenance of the buildings and grounds and the maintenance of minor equipment assigned t the stations or carried on apparatus?
  56. What are the "B" shift detail assignments for BC and captain?
    • Responsible for all map updating, including recommendations for hydrant coverage.
    • Pre fire plans updated
    • Station iventory of asset items
    • Apparatus inventory
    • Captains responsible for map updating and memos.
  57. What are the "C" detailed assignments for BCs and captains?
    • Budget preperation and control
    • Station library
    • Station ordering and supplies
  58. When are the four times an employee can be drug tested?
    • Reasonable suspicion
    • Traffic accident resulting in serious injury or death
    • Upon an employees return after testing positive
    • Follow up testing after testing positive
  59. What time frame must you turn in a Reasonable Suspician Checklist?
    Within 24 hours
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