1. abash
    • shy
    • Elen was abashed at the thought of making a speech in front of her entire school
  2. adverse
    • negative 」负面
    • Margaret is adverse to the idea of living in this old apartment
  3. anonymous
    • 匿名
    • The informer received several anonymous threats on his life
  4. astute
    • smart 精明
    • She was an astute woman who understood the complexities of the stock market
  5. blemish
    • 暇痴
    • No one would buy the bananas because of their dark blemishes
  6. cluster
    • 聚合为一组
    • The tree had custers of white flowers at the end of each branch
  7. condone
    • agree with
    • I cannot condone the terrible thing you have done
  8. crafty
    • 精心炮制
    • Fred thought up a crafty scheme to sneak into the bank at night
  9. deliberately
    • 专登
    • The police suspected that someone had set the forest fire deliberately
  10. discord
    • arguement
    • We should try to talk with each other to avoid discord among us
  11. dwelling
    • 居所 housing
    • Caves actually make very practical, well-insulated dwellings for people
  12. empower
    • made sb able to do sth
    • This new law will empower women to sue their employers for discrimination
  13. evacuate
    • 撤离
    • People were evacuated from the building because of the bomb threat
  14. flagrant
    • 明目张胆
    • The townspeople protested the police officer's flagrant disregard for their rights
  15. grasp
    • 抓紧 (physically) ; 明白
    • Some principles in physics are not very easy to grasp
  16. humanitarian
    • 人道的
    • Huge shipments of humanitarian aid reached the site of the earthquake
  17. improvise
    • 临时发挥/爆肚
    • In a live performance, the actors must improvise in case something happens
  18. insinuate
    • 暗示
    • Are you insinuating that I am the one who stole Andy's radio?
  19. languid
    • 懒洋洋的
    • The incredible summer heat and humidity made us all feel languid
  20. marvel
    • 奇异的东西
    • The marvel of modern technology allows us to communicate with almost anyone
  21. mythical
    • 传说中的
    • The most famous mythical animal is the unicorn
  22. perplex
    • confused by
    • We were perplexed by John's peculiar behavior
  23. predominant
    • main 主要
    • the predominant export of this area is pork
  24. radical
    • drastic 夸张, 巨大
    • There was a radical difference between the two professor's theories
  25. render
    • provide
    • All the people in the neighborhood rendered their assistance in looking for the lost child
  26. routine
    • 日程 (天天都做)
    • It took her a few weeks to learn the rutine of her new job
  27. shrink
    • 缩小
    • If you put that cotton shirt in the clothes dryer, it will shrink
  28. staunch
    • unmoving 坚定不移
    • Martin Lee has been his staunch ally in all his years as a politician
  29. surmount
    • 放在上面, overcome, 克服
    • Ada was able to surmount her fear of heights by learning to rock climb
  30. tranquil
    • peaceful 宁静
    • Ron and Martha walked until they found a tranquil spot to eat their picnic
  31. upright
    • law abiding 正直的
    • The people of the city believed the councilor was an upright citizen
  32. waive
    • 放弃行使 (law, right)
    • Our school waives its strict dress code once a week and allows us to ear what we want
  33. endorse
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