1. abandon
    • 1.Give up (放棄)
    • 2.荒廢
    • The bad weather forced the campers to abandon their tent on the mountain.
  2. annul
    declare to be not good
  3. astound
    • surprise
    • The magician astounded the crowd with his amazing magic tricks
  4. advent
    During the advent of Michael Jackson's arrival, pop music fans begain to get excited
  5. bleak
    • dark with not good future
    • Many small old towns along railroad tracks became bleak and empty
  6. cling
    • lean 依靠
    • The small pieces of paper cling to the comb because of static electricity
  7. condemn
    • scold 闹人
    • The Mayor condemned the violent behavior of street gangs
  8. cozy
    • comfortable
    • After skiing all afternoon, they were happy to return to their cozy cabin
  9. deleterious
    Smoking has many deleterious effects on your health
  10. disclose
    • tell the whole world
    • The government refused to disclose the names of the informers
  11. duration
    • period
    • During the duration of the pregnancy, a woman should not drink alcohol or smoke
  12. emphatic
    • strongly 强壮 (语气)
    • Mother was emphatic in tell9ing us that we must look after our younger sisters
  13. fitting
    • appropriate
    • This is a fitting ending to their journey
  14. glowing
    • bright
    • Although it was night, the brightly glowing city lights made it look like day
  15. holocaust
    • masacre 屠杀
    • In tday's world of terrorism, many people fear that a nuclear holocaust could occur
  16. implore
    • bed
    • The woman implored the soldiers to spare her family lives
  17. insatiable
    • unsatisfiable
    • Nothing seemed to satisfy Brian's insatiable appetite
  18. lament
    • 婉惜
    • Everyone in the neighborhood lamented the death of my Uncle Robert
  19. martyr
    • 烈士
    • When the police shot the girl, she became a martyr for the democracy movement
  20. ostensible
    • 浮夸
    • 表面上是 on the surfaceThe ostensible reason for his trip was business, but we thought it was a vacation
  21. perpetual
    • non stop 永垣的.
    • The seemingly perpetual rain made us all depressed
  22. predicament
    • 困境
    • It is Bush's predicament to decide whether to use forces to rescue the hostages
  23. radiance
    • brightness
    • People like to lie on the beach and enjoy the radiance of the sun
  24. remuneration
    • refund 回水
    • A remuneration was given t passengers for the cancellation of the flight
  25. robust
    • strong 实净(物件)
    • After a long illness, he is now in robust health
  26. shrewd
    • smart
    • Jason's shrewd judgment helped him to choose the best stocks to invest in
  27. stately
    • elegant 优雅
    • The queen lived at the top of the hill in a stately palace
  28. substantial
    • big
    • We can see a substantial improvement from him
  29. touchy
    • sensitive
    • Be nice to Elaine; she a little touchy about losing the bike race
  30. uphold
    • maintain
    • Democracy is important to upholdiing the freedom of its citizens
  31. vulnerable
    • easy to get hurt
    • Rachel was a sickly child, vulnerable to colds and various infections
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