CIS 376 Chapter 1

  1. What is the systems view of MIS? How is this
    relevant for management?
    • MIS is the development and use of information
    • systems that help businesses achieve their goals and objectives.

    They are relevant as they help with all aspects of the business world, and aid managers in making decisions.
  2. What are the five components of MIS?
    Hardware, SOftware, Data, ProcedureS, PeOple
  3. What are the three key elemets in MIS?
    • Components of an information systems
    • Development and use of information systems
    • Achieving business goals and objectives
  4. What are the 6 characteristics of the five components of MIS?
    • Hardware and Programs are Computer Side
    • People and Procedures are the Human Side
    • Data is the bridge between the humen and computer side
    • People and hardware are the actors
    • Automation moves from Human to COmputer side
    • As you move from cumputer to human, it is more difficult to change
  5. What is the most component of MIS?
    • YOU!
    • You are part of every information system that you use

    Your mind and thinking are the most important component.

    If you do not know what to do with your information system’s information, you are wasting time and money.
  6. No matter your role, you must be active in the following for developing an MIS
    • Specifying the system’s
    • requirements

    • Helping to manage the development
    • project

    Using the Information System
  7. The only job security that exists is
    how to assess, evaluate, and apply emerging information technology to business.
  8. The only job security that exists is
    “a marketable skill and the courage to use it.”
  9. Because cost of data storage and data communications is essentially zero...
    any routine skill can and will be outsourced to the lowest bidder.
  10. Because of increased competition and technological change one needs the ability to do what, and who do corporations favor for jobs?
    • Ability to adapt to changing technology
    • Favor strong nonroutine cognitive skills
  11. what are 4 exampes of critical skills needed for a business professional
    • Abstraction
    • Systems Thinking
    • Collaboration
    • Experimentaion
  12. INformation in one persons context is...
    just data in another persons context
  13. Context changes occur in information systems when the output of one system...
    feeds a second system.
  14. Information is always...
  15. 5 Characteristics of good information
    • Accurate
    • Timely
    • Relevant: To subject and context
    • Just sufficient
    • Wrth its cost
  16. Why can you buy IT but not IS? What is the implication of this for management?
    Information technology refers to the products, methods, inventions, and standards that are used for the purpose of producing information.

    Information technology drives the development of new information systems.
  17. What is Moores law?
    the number of transistors per square inch on an integrated chip doubles every 18 months; as a result, the speed of computer chips doubles too.
  18. Passwords: You are...
    • ...Your password
    • strong passwords: base on first word of a phrase
    • never write it down
    • never give it out
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