Crisis Intervention

  1. Confidentiality is privleged communication Chapter 40 Oregon Revised Statues
    • Lawyers
    • Physicians
    • Counselor
    • Spouse
    • Priest is Confidential
  2. Confidential Communication
    • Must be in private
    • Is authorized by denomination
    • Has a duty to keep communication confidential
    • ***Does not apply to mandatory areas of disclosure
  3. Mandatory areas of disclosure
    • Child abuse
    • Sexual abuse
    • Elder abuse
    • Danger to self
    • Confession of a crime not yet committed
  4. Ethics from the the greek "Ethos"
    Essential quality, defining character
  5. Ethics is about
  6. All your values and practices constitute your ethics
    • You value your honesty
    • You lie on your time report
    • *You don't exhibit ethical behavior
    • *You are not trustworhty
  7. In our business character and ethics count.
    • *Citizen's possessions
    • *Citizen's lives
    • *Co-worker's lives
    • *Your life
  8. Integrity
    • You lie you die
    • Oaths
  9. Sins of the mind (unintentional errors or omissions)
    • forgivable
    • discipline
    • training
  10. Sins of the heart (knowing it is wrong and you choose to do it anyway)
    • Termination
    • Prosecution
  11. Oaths
    Cut off my right hand if I lie
  12. Responsibility
    • Courage
    • *Not the absence of fear, but the conquering of it
    • *Doing what you know what is right, no matter the personal consequences
  13. Compassion
    • Not just warm/fuzzy sympathy
    • Tough minded concern for others
  14. Our business
    • Balancing rights and responsibilities
    • *Personal rights as well as public ssfety
    • People control/power
    • *Reasonability is the key
    • *Balance
    • Crisis Intervention
    • *Like Dominoes
    • **911-easy to call
    • **Fast action
    • **We make house calls
  15. Wrong Turns
    • We are created with the capacity to do the right thing or the wrong thing
    • We can do the wrong thing intentionally or unintentionally
  16. Combination that creates an opportunity for inappropriatte behavior
    • Danger
    • Sense of elitism
    • The need to encounter the saddest and most frustrating incidents
    • Disenchantment and frustration about making a difference
  17. Corruption
    *Rapt-To rip or tear
    • To rip the heart out
    • Minor
    • *Free Coffee
    • *rationalizing discounts
    • Major
    • LAPD 2000-Ramparts
    • NYPD 1970-Serpico
    "Always let your conscience be your guide"
    Jimminy Cricket
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