Air Brakes Cdl

  1. Below what psi will the spring breaks in a straight truck bring you to a stop
    20 psi
  2. At what psi will the safety valve automatically set
    150 psi
  3. if your truck hasa properly functioning air brake system how many seconds will it take for the tanks to build from 85 to 100 psi.
    45 seconds
  4. a straight truck or bus air brake system should not leak at the rate of how many psi per min, engine OFF and brakes RELEASED.
    2 psi
  5. The air compressor stops pumping at what psi?
    125 psi
  6. the driver must be able to see the low air pressure warning device before the pressure in the service air tanks reaches what psi?
    60 psi
  7. the air loss rate for a straight truck or bus with the engine OFF and the brakes ON sould not be more than?
    3 psi in 1 min
  8. how many feet does the air brake lag on dry pavement add at 55mph?
    32 feet
  9. an air brake system is fully charged at how many psi
    125 psi
  10. a truck or bus brake system should not leak more than how many psi per min with the engine OFF and the brakes RELEASED
    2 psi per min
  11. the safety valve discharges automatically if pressure reaches how many psi
    150 psi
  12. the air compressor governer controls
    when air is pumped in to the brakes
  13. the proper use of the brakes on a long steep grade after selecting thej proper gear is to brake until your speed is about how many mph below the posted speed before releasing the brake.
    5 mph
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