1. he criticized some guy named hooper
    Mark Twain
  2. left bugs/ashes that got caught in his paint
    Jackson Pollock
  3. Admitted California to the US
    Millard Filmore
  4. coined the term "identity crisis"
    Erik Erikson
  5. led 148 settlers
    Brighum Young
  6. a series of three defeats at the battles of Stormberg, Magersfonstein and Colenso.
    Black Week
  7. Black week
    Second Boer war
  8. Got Paraguay into the war of the Triple Alliance, during which he died at the battle of Cerro Corra.
    Fransisco Solano Lopez
  9. tried to declare himself a saint and, upon failing, ordered the 23 bishops who opposed him executed.
    Fransisco Solano Lopez
  10. Poor Folk is this mans first novel
    Fyodor Dostoevsky
  11. was exiled to New Orleans for opposing Santa Anna
    Benito Juarez
  12. resisted the French and took power after overthrowing Maximillian I
    Benito Juarez
  13. distinguished career in the Austrian Navy
    Maximilian I
  14. the world's largest religious building that was originally a hindu temple dedicated to Vishnu and later became a Buddhist temple.
    Ankor Wat
  15. designed to look like Mount Meru
    Ankor Wat
  16. the american Taliban.
    John Walker
  17. though remaning neutral himself, allowed spainards to join the German army on the condition they would only fight the Russians on the eastern front thus creating the "Blue Division"
    Fransisco Franco
  18. dictator of spain around the time of WW2
    Fransisco Franco
  19. banned by Metternich
    William Tell
  20. had scarlet fever at the age of 19 months
    Helen Keller
  21. was offered a union command during the American Civil war by William H. Seward which he would have accepted if Lincoln agreed to declare the Abolition of slavery the main goal of the war
    Giuseppe Garibaldi
  22. called Lincoln "the great emancipator."
    Giuseppe Garibaldi
  23. it originates in the Great Slave Lake
    Mackenzie River
  24. Deepest lake in North America. 9th largest by area. 10th or 12th by volume.
    Great Slave Lake
  25. 5th man on the moon. Commanded Apollo 14
    Alan Shepard
  26. namesake acids and bases are electron pair acceptors or donors
    Gilbert Lewis
  27. Chronicle of a Death Foretold
    Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  28. May be the prince in his own work War and Peace
  29. Ham and Eggs fire
    San Fransisco fire
  30. Napoleon III served his most honored guests on plates made of this
  31. 577 People swore:
    Tennis Court Oath
  32. This man governed Quebec but was unable to recieve the title because of his non-noble status
    Samuel de Champlain
  33. fought in the Uruguayan civil war earning him the title "Hero of the Two Worlds"
    Giuseppe Garibaldi
  34. witnessed the coronation of Napoleon
    Simon Bolivar
  35. led the Amirable campaign
    Simon Bolivar
  36. 7 of 8 executed, one found dead
    haymarket square riot
  37. the only temple dedicated to him is in Pushkar
  38. meeting with H. M. Stanley made a famous quote
    David Livingstone ("Dr. Livingstone, I presume?")
  39. this man died from malaria and internal bleeding caused by dysentery in Cheif Chitambo's village. The tribe, which had refused to give the british his body, eventually relented but cut out and buried his heart under a Mvula tree. The rest of his body was carried over 1,000 miles by Chuma and Susi to britain where he is buried in Westminster Abbey
    David Livingstone.
  40. heard the voice of god and saw solar eclipes as a black man's hand blotting out the sun. This convinced him to rebel
    Nat Turner
  41. great swamp fight
    King Phillp's war
  42. Commanded U.S. forces in the Gulf War
    Norman Schwarzkopf
  43. couldn't scale the mud walls of the Rodriguez canal
    Battle of New Orleans
  44. infatuated with Napoleon III, had exact copies of his uniforms for his armies and an exact copy of his crown
    Fransisco Solano Lopez
  45. Eliza Lynch was his mistress
    Fransisco Solano Lopez
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