Dental Materials

  1. t/f with admix you use less condensation pressure because it has little resistance
    FALSE! spherical!!!!
  2. which establishes a contact easier admix or spherical?
  3. what must be done to get a contact with spherical?
    Heavy wedging
  4. t/f admix uses more mercury
  5. t/f spherical has high early compressive strength (1 to 24 hours)
  6. t/f spherical uses 10% more mercury
    FALSE, 10% LESS
  7. which has a slower set admix or spherical..think about it, I am going to make you think...pause pause pause
    admix-it has a longer working time
  8. t/f spherical has a faster set time?
    true dat mhm
  9. at 24 hours both admixed and spherical ____ copper amalgams shrink slightly whereas ____ copper amalgmas expand
    • HIGH
    • low
  10. ____ is the mixing of powder and mercury
  11. what is the appearance of a properly triturated capsule?
    SATIN appearance
  12. what is the appearance of an UNDER triturated amalgam
    dry crumbly and sets too quickly=weak filling
  13. t/f an under triturated amalgam results in a weak filling
  14. if the amalgam is dry crumbly and sets quickly is it:

    C. under triturated
  15. what is the appearnace of an OVER triturated amalgam
    too wet, sets too quckly and is a weak filling
  16. t/f amalgam that is too wet and sets quickly is under triturated
    false OVER triturated
  17. why should you overfilll a cavity prep with amalgam?
    to allow enough material to carve contours and remove excess mercury that is forced to the surface by condensation
  18. t/f carving amalgam after set starts will damage the margins
  19. how long must the pt wait to eat on an amalgam restoration?
    8 hours
  20. what % of strength does the amalgam have at 8 hours?
  21. what % of strength is the amalgam at after 1 hour of set up?
  22. what % of strenght is the amalgam after 24 hours of set up?
    100% DING DING DING all done!
  23. when should an amalgam be polished?
    24 hours after placement
  24. t/f polishing should not be done earlier than 24 hours after placement
  25. ____, _____ copper alloys need no polishing
    Modern, High
  26. t/f Modern, high copper alloys are dull and need to be polished to shine
    FALSE, the are shiny and need no polishing
  27. How is polishing of an amalgam done? (hint what must you use 2 I am so thirsty think I will go drink me a little WATER)
    • H20
    • Light Touch
  28. what three things retain amalgams in preparation?
    • parallel walls
    • under cut walls
    • irregularities in tooth wall
  29. what is the process if amalgams are bonded into the preparation?
    • etched iwth phosphoric acid
    • one or two bonding resins placed
    • Amalgam applied to WET chemical cured resin
  30. t/f when amalgams are bonded in the amalgam is condensed onto a dry chemical cured resin
    FALSE...Wet chemical cured resin (go get Jade she is good at getting Analey wet she can help here..wait...oops)
  31. what must be used when placing an amalgam to help minimize swallowing amalgam particlees or inhaling released amalgam vapors? 2
    • Rubber Dam
    • high volume evacuation
  32. what is the OSHA acceptable mercury exposure level?
    .0005 mg/m3 for 40 hr work week
  33. t/f most dental offices are close to exceeding OSHA acceptable mercury exposure levels
    FALSE! most are far BELOW recommened levels
  34. what degree is mercury vapors released?
    80 degrees C
  35. how is scrap mercury stored?
    under water in airtight container
  36. t/f you operatories should have no carpet or tiled floors for mercury safety
    True true
  37. T/F mercury free amalgam is no longer used in USA
    True..but why? read the paragraph it will tell you!
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