Westing Game Character Cards

  1. An African-American judge who gives all the money from the game to Sandy McSouthers and owes Mr. Westing money
    J.J. Ford
  2. A doorman who was fired from the Westing Paper company
    Sandy McSouthers
  3. The uppity mother of Turtle and Angela, who claims she is a decorator and is paired with Mr. Hoo
    Grace Wexler
  4. The bratty young Westing Game contestant who plays the stock market and kicks those who touch her braid
    Turtle Wexler
  5. The beautiful daughter of Grace and Jake who plans to marry Dr. Denton Deere. Paired with Sydelle Pulaski
    Angela Wexler
  6. The 15-year-old wheelchair-bound bird watcher paired with Dr. Denton Deere
    Chris Theodorakis
  7. A high school senior who works in his parents' coffee shop and secretly has a crush on Angela
    Theo Theodorakis
  8. A high school senior who runs the stairs to stay in shape for the track team. His father always wants him to study.
    Doug Hoo
  9. The grouchy inventor who claims that Mr. Westing stole his invention for a disposable paper diaper. He owns a restaurant.
    Mr. Hoo
  10. A cook who does not speak English and spends a lot of time looking out across Lake Michigan. From Hong Kong.
    Mrs. Hoo
  11. A bookie and a podiatrist whose wife has started working at the Chinese restaurant.
    Jake Wexler
  12. An elderly deliveryman who likes to scare other tenants by screaming "Boom." Paired with Crow.
    Otis Amber
  13. A secretary who claims to have a chronic disease that makes her limp. She uses crutches for attention.
    Sydelle Pulaski
  14. A dressmaker who is working on Angela's wedding dress and had a daughter.
    Flora Baumbach
  15. An elderly cleaning lady who wears black and is paired with Otis Amber.
  16. An intern who has very little time for his partner and plans to marry Angela Wexler.
    Denton Deere
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