CT 4hz

  1. What guide does a new hire receive to document a ride out?
    Field Discovery Guide
  2. What are 4 types of learning in the field?
    • On the Job-Student responsible, Champion assisting
    • Shadowing-champion responsible, student assisting
    • Cross Training- Student trains with student
    • Coaching- coaching student*provide feedback daily
  3. Five key facts of receiving information?
    • Variety
    • Brevity
    • Experience
    • Self Discovery
    • Relevance
  4. Three types of learning?
    • Visual
    • Auditory
    • Tactile
  5. 5 steps to minimizing anxiety?
    • Audience is your friend
    • Memorize Most important parts of what you say
    • Practice positive self talk
    • Breathe
    • Check your appearance
  6. 4 ways you can use your voice effectively?
    • Rate- speed at which you speak
    • Volume- high or low of which you speak
    • Force- Variety of volume
    • Pitch- tone of voice
  7. 4 hand movements you can do?
    • Keep hands in front of you
    • Keep hands below your waist
    • Use hands to hold props
    • Emphasize important parts
  8. 4 hand movements you do not do?
    • Don't put them behind your back
    • Shouldn't put them in pocket
    • Not make annoying noises
    • Flail
  9. Name a tip regarding eye control?
    3-5 second rule- never make eye contact for longer than this time
  10. An effective way to help make a conversation between you and your customer more comfortable and interesting?
  11. Six basic techniques that can contribute to great customer service?
    • Build rapport
    • Ask questions
    • Listen
    • Positioning the product
    • Communicate the benefits
    • Ask for the sale
  12. Suggesting a product that will fulfill the needs or interests the customer has expressed to you?
    Positioning the product
  13. The_______- are what make the product great
  14. The ________ are how the features meet the customers needs
  15. ________ works by separating successive pictures into two types of video information
    Digital Compression
  16. ________ a device or software that enable compression and or decompression for digital video
    Video Codec
  17. What is the major advantage of MPEG?
    Mpeg files are much smaller for the same quality
  18. Three types of mpeg application?
    • Mpeg-1-video cds
    • Mpeg-2- dvd,catv,hdtv
    • Mpeg-4- internet streaming, video on cell phones, interactive tv
  19. 3 Mpeg picture types?
    I-intra-coded: all of the important information

    P-predictive: computed pictures based on the nearest previous I or P

    Bi-directional pictures- use both past and subsequent pictures as references
  20. Standards specification to provide protected digital entertainment in the home/ such as hdmi and dvi protection
    Digital Transmission Content Protection
  21. What is Macro Vision?
    Company that created the ACP-Analog Copying and Piracy
  22. Certain criteria to be met before granting access to content?
    Cable Card
  23. 4 types of tv's?
    • Direct view crt
    • Flat Panel lcd plasma
    • Rear projection dlp/lcd
    • Rear Projection crt
  24. 4 wireless standards?
    • 802.11b-11mbps, 100-150ft, 2.4ghz
    • 802.11a-54mpbs, 25-75ft, 5ghz
    • 802.11g-54mbps, 100-150ft, 2.4ghz
    • 802.11n -100mbps, up to 160ft, 2.4ghz
  25. 8 types of security concerns?
    • Virus
    • Spyware
    • Phishing
    • Adware
    • Spam
    • Hackers
    • Hijacking
    • Cookies
  26. What are four actions a virus performs?
    • Replicate
    • Event Watching
    • Camouflage
    • Delivery
  27. What are three main types of viruses?
    • Worms
    • Executable
    • Email
    • Trojan
  28. Stealth viruses evade detection by signature scanners, ____________ look for sections of code triggered by time or date events. Routines to search for files such as .com, .exe, .bat and .vbs. disk writes that bypass the operating system.
    Heuristic Detectors
  29. Placed between PC and internet for protection
    A firewall
  30. Three main types of firewall rules?
    • Packet Filtering
    • Stateful packet inspections
    • Proxy
  31. ___________indicate a problem with a device or driver
    Stop Error
  32. ___________are blue screen errors that display the words :Memory Dump" along with a cryptic set of hexadecimal addresses.
    Memory Dump
  33. What are the specifications of a PC?
    • Processor- 300 mHZ
    • Ram- 256 MB
    • Hard Drive space-156MB
    • Windows ver. windows 2000 and higher
  34. What are the specifications of a MAC?
    • Processor- 300mHz
    • Ram- 256 MB
    • Hard Drive-100 MB
    • ver. 10.4 or higher
  35. 3 types of manual computer troubleshooting?
    Ipconfig- Command line that see Ip address, subnet mask, gateway

    Ping- Test to see if a site is accessible

    Tracert- See how many hops it takes to a destination.
  36. 2 Ways to prevent getting shocked dealing with CDV?
    Take Phone off of hook

    Disconnect Emta dial tone
  37. What is the Max Ren per phone number?
  38. Number one cause of phone line shorts?
  39. What are three types of ILEC Connections?
    • 66 Block
    • NID
    • Screw terminal block
  40. What kind of connections does a PBX and Key System use?
    • PBX-RJ11/14 or T1
    • Key System- RJ11/14

    Allows a grooup of phone stations to access common set of phone lines
  41. What does an Emta (Embedded Multimedia terminal adapter) do?
    • Cdv
    • Hsi
  42. What is used for data
    A. 110 Block
    B. 66 Block
    • What is used for data
    • A. 110 Block
    • B. 66 Block
  43. Used to avoid kins and sharp bends?
    Mushroom spool
  44. What do you use a 66 block for? What special tool is needed?
    • used for phone
    • punch down tool
  45. What is a 110 Block used for? what special tool is needed?
    • Used for data
    • 110 punch tool
  46. RJ21x interfaces with what two parts of the phone system?
    • EMTA
    • Punch Down Block
  47. whats 4 steps do you take if the POS (Point of sale) does not connect?
    • Check polarity
    • Verify inbound and outbound
    • dial 9
    • adjust baud rate (9600) baud
  48. What are 2 ways to identify a phone station or PBX phone?
    • T1 input
    • Extra buttons
  49. What are 2 ways a customer could have music on hold?
    • Standalone
    • PBX
  50. What is the input and output of the LPSU(local Power Supply unit)?
    • Input- 120v ac, 60 watts
    • output-48vdc, 50 watts
    • Typical charge time- 24 hour
    • Backup time w/ TM508 idle-18h
    • Backup time w/ 8 lines in use- 8h
    • Battery Lifetime- 7-9 years
  51. What are power connections/telemetry used for?
    used to read back up battery status

    *Never connect AC power to emta when using 48vdc power
  52. Dealing with punch down blocks:
    Signal goes in from the ______ and out to the____
    Dealing with punch down blocks:Signal goes in from the Left and out to the Right.
  53. Dealing with punch down blocks:
    _______ connect the network side of a block to the customer side
    Bridge Clips connect the network side of a block to the customer side
  54. Dealing with punch down blocks:
    Lead with the _____ from the top of the block and alternate
    • Dealing with punch down blocks:
    • Lead with the Tip from the top of the block and alternate
  55. Dealing with punch down blocks:
    Leave about _____ to ______ feet excess cable around block.
    Leave about 1 to 3 feet excess cable around block.
  56. What does a Channel Deletion Filter and Combiner do?
    Deletes unused channel and inserts local feed
  57. What does a Video Modulator do?
    Places baseband signal onto standard RF channel carrier
  58. what does a DSL modem do?
    Dedicated up to modem
  59. What is a routers function? how many networks does it support?
    • Connects customers internal network to the internet
    • 2 networks
    • WAN
    • LAN
  60. What is a switches function? how many networks does it support?
    • Device that acts as a Focal Point in connecting multiple computers with one LAN
    • 1 network
  61. ________ a managed hard drive connected to a LAN that can be accessible by anyone on the internet as defined by a company's administrator
    Network Attached Storage (NAS) a managed hard drive connected to a LAN that can be accessible by anyone on the internet as defined by a company's administrator
  62. a ___________ connects building data wiring to Ethernet switch focal point in the data network
    a Network Patch Bay connects building data wiring to Ethernet switch focal point in the data network
  63. What are the steps for a data network?
    Tap--->cable modem--->router---->switch---->Patch Bay
  64. What is the demarcation point for a technician?
    All connectivity up through the WAN side of the Cable Modem/IP gateway and confirm output from the LAN side
  65. ILEC Network interface supplies ______Mb/Sec?
    ILEC Network interface supplies 1.54 Mb/Sec?
  66. A ________ is a system of computers, peripherals, terminals and databases connected by communication lines
  67. LAN

    A ________ set of computers connected on a _____ network and using the same communication device
    • geographically close
    • single
  68. A LAN can be as small as a home networ with 2 computers, or an office with hundreds of computers that ___________ to printers, programs and a connection to the internet
    Share Access
  69. A group of computers geographically far but are connected is know as?
    WAN(Wide Area Network)
  70. With defined access control policy a ______ permits and blocks traffic?
  71. using a public network, such as the internet a, ____ establishes a secure connection to an organization's private network.
  72. A technique by which several hosts or computers share a single IP address for access to the internet

    Enables a LAN to use one set of IP addresses for internal traffic and a second set of addresses for external traffic, and provides a type of firewall by hiding internal IP addresses.
    NAT(Network Address Translation)
  73. Forwards requests for a particular IP and port pair to another IP port pair

    This feature is commonly used on publicly connected hosts to make an internal service available to a larger network
    PAT (Port Address Translation)
  74. Concept of partitioning large networks into smaller segments. usually resides within a common geographical location
    *Can allow for faster and more accurate data access
    *Helps to route traffic and increase speed
    Subnetting (subnetworks)
  75. What are 4 things that make up a subnet mask?
    • Network IP-Th entire subnetwork
    • Routable IP-Used on customers equipment
    • Gateway IP-Used on the IP gateway
    • Broadcast IP -identifies all hosts/ devices on the LAN
  76. how many static addresses does customers receive with /30, /29, /28? what is the ending value of each?
    • /30-1 static IP-
    • /29-5 static IP-
    • /28-13 static IP-

    • IP's start at given and counts up
    • subnets starts 255 and counts down

    • ex.
    • Network IP-(Starting IP)
    • Routable IP-(changes with the amount of IPs)
    • Gateway IP-(Continues after last number of given IPs)
    • Broadcast IP-(after gateway)
  77. a mathematical value derived from the number and severity of leaks in the cable system?
    CLI(Cumulative Leakage Index)
  78. What are the (CLI) signal leakage limits?
    • 5-54: 15mv @30m
    • 54-216:20mv @ 3m(FCC)
    • 216-860:15mv @ 30m

  79. The unwanted signals entering the network are called?
  80. appears when ingress allows a locally broadcast TV channel's signal to enter the TV along with the channel's signal supplied by the network

    *image on the right of screen
    Leading Ghost
  81. usually caused by a reflection on the cable system?

    *probably caused by ingress between Tap and TV receiver

    *image on the left side of screen
    Following Ghost
  82. Two channels operating on same frequency to where they are interfering?
    Co-Channel interference
  83. Things that can cause Return Path Interference?
    • Microwaves
    • Air Conditioners
    • hair dryer
  84. Any temperature above absolute Zero is this kind of noise?
    Thermal Noise
  85. Difference in peak carrier level to noise level is called?
    *ratio of 1 to 1
    Carrier to Noise Ratio
  86. The 10 dB of noise, which was added by the amplifier is defined as the ______?
    Amplifiers noise figure(NF)
  87. What are 5 types of distortions?
    • Cross Modulation
    • Discrete 2nd Order
    • Discrete 3rd Order Composite Third Order(CTB)
    • Composite Second Order
    • Hum Modulation
  88. *Crossing from one channel to another.
    *Causes a vertical bar and ghost images that sweep through the back of the affected channel
    is know as what?
    Cross Modulation
  89. When a carrier"A" is applied to the input of an amplifier, the output will contain that carrier at a higher amplitude. Plus its second harmonic "2A"
    is know as?
    Discrete 2nd Order
  90. When a carrier is applied to an amplifier, it will produce a second beat and will produce a third order products as well

    is know as what?
    Discrete 3rd order products
  91. An energy bundle or composite of many triple beats is called?
    It appears on a system of 40 plus channels. ratio should be greater than 57dB.
    Composite Triple beat(CTB)
  92. To get a number of beats sufficient to cause visual interference typically requires carriage of more than 70 channels?

    ratio is 53
    Composite Second Order(CSO)
  93. Appears as a horizontal bar moving from the bottom to the top of the picture?
    *60 cycle current produces 1 bar
    *120 cycle modulation produces 2 bars
    Hum Modulation
  94. Modulation that shifted in 90 degree steps and has 4 possible states?
    Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (QPSK)
  95. ________ changes the phase and amplitude?
    *at 64 it increases the number of amplitude changes to 4.
    Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM)
  96. measure of signal strength relative to background noise in Analog and digital communications?
    Signal to Noise ratio
  97. Measures activity levels in the unused portion of a multi- channel system?
    Noise Power Ratio(NPR)
  98. ration of the error power to the average power in an ideal QAM signal?
    *digital version of signal to noise ratio
    Modulation Error Ratio (MER)
  99. ____________method where additional data bits are added to the digital video bit stream?
    Forward Error Correction
  100. ________measures how often an error occurs in a given amount of data
    Bit Error Rate (BER)
  101. No signal levels higher than ____dBmV between ____ and _____ should be present in the drop from CPE to Tap?
    • -30 dBmv
    • 5 MHz
    • 42 MHz
  102. A filter that passes high frequencies well?
    High Pass Filter
  103. problems in the return path that become stronger as more interferences are added is known as?
    Funneling Effect or snowball effect
  104. Tests to help ensure that a cable systems forward signals meet FCC standards as outlined in CFR 47?
    Proof of Performance
  105. The first source of information in your service call?
  106. Carry and individually select different channels on a single cable by their unique frequency is called?
    Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM)
  107. Separates the forward and reverse signals from the coaxial cable?
    Diplex Filter
  108. In the forward direction the pad attenuates the signal in order to bring it to within the acceptable input range of the amplifier?
    PAD( Attenuator)
  109. Compensates for the unequal attenuation properties of coaxial cable at different frequencies?
    *kills low band
  110. Used to compensate for fluctuations of the input signal?
    Automatic Gain Control
  111. Maintains the proper tilt( caused by temperature change in a specified amount of coaxial cable)?
    Automatic Level and Slope Control (ALS)
  112. Provides means of monitoring the various inputs and outputs without interrupting service?
    Test Points
  113. Mounted in the same housings used for hard-line splitters and DC's?
    In-Line Eualizer
  114. Installed in the distribution cable where low value tapw are used?
    In-Line Conditioner
  115. Used to introduce AC power into the Network.
    It has Low/pass filters to prevent the RF on the cable from entering the power supply where its very low?
    Power Inserter
  116. 4 parts of coax cable?
    • Jacket
    • Shield
    • Dieletric
    • Center Conductor
  117. Converts the incoming light to RF signals for the coaxial cable outlets?
    *changes RF to light
    *changes Light to RF
    Optical Receiver
  118. Three parts of Fiber?
    • Protective Coating
    • Cladding
    • Core
  119. 3 types of Network Architecture?
    • HFC(Hybrid Fiber Coax)-fiber and Coax
    • Tree and Branch-Branch of AMPS
    • CRAN- all services are delivered via IP over a consistent transport and routing architecture
  120. wavelength is a measurement of _______, the ______ that signal of a specific frequency travels.
    • distance
    • distance
  121. The wavelengths of light used in broadband telecommunications are centered ____nm and _____nm(nanometers, billionths of a meter).
    • 13/10 nm
    • 15/50 nm
  122. Core components of a CRAN are?
    • Hubsites-
    • U-ring
    • S-ring
    • Regional Core
    • Regional Network
  123. Location where data is delivered via IP and then modulated onto the HFC network?
    hub sites
  124. 2 Types of Comcast backbones?
    • Cbone(Comcast Private Backbone) ex. CDV
    • IBone(Second Logical Backbone) ex Internet
  125. 4 types of system Maps?
    • Base Map-Everything but Comcast plant
    • Strand Map-All utility companies except comcast
    • Design Map-Shows comcast plant
    • As Built Map-updated map with changes
  126. * This Maintains the system impedance of 75-ohm

    * Reduces signal reflections
  127. A process that Diverts (drops) a portion of the multiplexed aggregate signal at an intermediate point, and Introduces(inserts) a different signal for subsequent transmission in the same position.

    Is known as what?
    Drop and Insert
  128. The __________ is used in MDU's and other Business Class Customers that require one or more channels to be deleted?
    Channel deletion Filter
  129. The __________ is a tapping device providing isolation between tap and output terminals?
    Directional Coupler
  130. The _______ distributes signal
  131. The _____ recieves content?
  132. The __________ places baseband signal onto standard RF channel carrier?
    Video Modulator
  133. 4Things Business can't have regarding TV?
    • Pay Per View
    • DVR
    • Premium Channels
    • On Demand
  134. 4 Things Business can have regarding TV?
    • Music Choice
    • Sports
    • HD Box
    • Selecto
  135. Two Types of Business class TV's?
    • Business View- ex. bars, resturants
    • Private use- ex Doctors office
  136. Website you go to find access to a business accounts features?
  137. Which Business Class TV digital package provides a variety of popular channels?

    includes CNBC, The weather channel, Headline News, HGTV and The family Tier package
    Information & Entertainment
  138. Number of business class licenses for Antivirus?
  139. What feature has
    24/7 support
    4 hour Mean Time To Repair
    Has on support group?
    Business Class Support
  140. What feature has
    Templates for Newsletters and promotions?
  141. What feature has
    SMC Gateway?
  142. What feature has
    Host unlimited number of online meetings
    Perform Live demonstrations
  143. What feature has
    up to 25 licenses?
    • McAfee Virus Scan
    • *Now Norton
  144. What feature has
    Email you can use for calender, address,task manager?
    Microsoft Outlook E-mail
  145. What feature has
    Share things online
    Save information on server
    use FTP?
    Microsoft SharePoint
  146. What feature has
    A burst of speed
    First 30 secs of download
    First 50 megs than it drops down to the speed that is purchased?
  147. What feature has
    Dedicated IP's to individuals or business
    Static IP Address
  148. What feature has
    Host websites
    register webs
    has server?
    Web Hosting
  149. 2 ways to provision Business Internet?
    *Call provisioning group(TAC)

    *Login to the Comcast Business Gateway(download configuration file)
  150. What is the web address for smc gateway?

    What is password?

  151. What username and password does a business class customer receive for the SMC Gateway?

  152. What is the point of Demarcation for business class internet?
    The business customers LAN connection point on the IP Gateway
  153. What are 3 Additional features of a SMC Gateway?
    • Firewall- blocks unwanted users and data traffic from entering the LAN
    • User Access Management-manage users access to the internet
    • Advanced Security Features-includes port forwarding and port triggereing
  154. Steps to access Internet benefits for Business class customers online?
    Got to Team Comcast-->click Learning & Development --> CommCapsules -->click CommCapsule-Business Class Internet Enhancements
  155. What is the Features name Business Class customers access online to get information on their CDV product?
    Feature Manager
  156. Should you leave Remote management at Defaults?
    if so then why?
    • Yes
    • The provisioning group would be able to access remotely if defaults are left alone
  157. Should VPN termination be checked on SMC?
    No, Ensure these options are not checked?
  158. What are the 4 types of Port Configuration?
    • Port Forwarding-Always open
    • Port Triggering-Open on request
    • True Static IP Port Management-Allows you to open and close specific ports
    • Port Blocking-Restrict specific local hosts from accessing application.
  159. Allows one IP address or computer to be placed in between the firewall and the internet?
    DMZ(Demilitarized Zone)
  160. What 2 ports are associated with FTP(File Transfer Protocol)?
    ports 20, 21
  161. What is the purpose of Call Forward Selective?

    How to activate?
    How to deactivate?
    Forward calls to a select group of people. up to 12

    • *63
    • *83
  162. What is the purpose of Call Forward Variable

    How to activate?
    How to deactivate?
    Forward all calls to a select number

    • *72
    • *73
  163. What is the purpose of Cancel Call Waiting

    How to activate?
    How to deactivate?
    cancel a person on hold

    • Activated by default
    • *70 diable
  164. What is the purpose of Speed dial 8

    How to activate?
    How to deactivate?
    Speed dial for 8 numbers you program

    *74 activate
  165. What is the purpose of Speed dial 30

    How to activate?
    How to deactivate?
    Speed dial for 30 numbers you program

    *75 activate
  166. What is the purpose of Call Hold

    How to activate?
    How to deactivate?
    Put calls on hold

    *52 activate
  167. What is the purpose of Anonymous Call Rejection

    How to activate?
    How to deactivate?
    Wont accept blocked or private numbers

    • *77 activate
    • *87 deactivate
  168. What is the purpose of Call Screening?

    How to activate?
    How to deactivate?
    up to 12 numbers, states not accepting phone calls from selected numbers

    • *60 activate
    • *80 deactive
  169. What is the purpose of Caller ID Blocking per call

    How to activate?
    How to deactivate?
    Blocks calling number

    *67 Activates
  170. What is the purpose of Private Numbering Plan

    How to activate?
    How to deactivate?
    Enables Extension dialing

    2 + last 3 digits of telephone number- old way

    # last four digits of phone number- New way
  171. What is the purpose of Multi Line Hunt Group

    what are 3 rules of a hunt group?
    Calls number in sequential order until there is an open line if one is not available it checks for voicemail

    • Rules#
    • 1. Calls go in sequential order
    • 2. Only goes through once
    • 3. Voicemail only on number dialed
  172. What is the purpose of Terminal make busy

    How to activate?

    How to deactivate?
    Removes single phone # from hunt

    • *230 activates
    • *231 deactivates
  173. Prior to a site survey, a serviceability check will consist of what 2 components?
    • Servicability of the location
    • E911 servicability
  174. What is occuring when all the front panel LEDs are flashing on an EMTa?
    Foreign Voltage
  175. How do you know it one of the telephone lines is off the hook?
    Single light flashing on one of the lines
  176. Which LED indicates whether the network is available on the eMta?
  177. A line is flashing slowly, about 1 flash per second. What does that indicate?
    Line card error
  178. On an 8-line emta what is an indicater of an AC power fail?
    Power is flashing and all lights are off
  179. On an 8-line emta what is an indicater of an a firmware upgrade?
    • Ds- Flash
    • US-Flash
    • online-On
  180. On an 8-line emta what is an indicater of an a Line Card Protection State?
    All lights are flashing
  181. Where can Business Class Voice-E Customers check their bill information?
  182. issues a trace to the service provider for a users last incoming call?

    How do you activate it?
    Customer Originated Trace

    *57 after the last incoming call
  183. What are the steps to accessing the feature manager?
    Team Comcast-->Myteams--> workgroups -->type feature manager in search --> click on Business Class Services-feature Manager
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