SAT Vocab A #14

  1. abject
    (adj) sunk to a low state or condition; without spirit or hope
  2. avidity
    (n) eagerness; greed
  3. cacophony
    (n) discord; harsh sound
  4. commiserate
    (v) to sympathize with; to feel sorrow for another's feelings
  5. cynosure
    (n) focal point or attention and admiration; anything which guides
  6. diatribe
    (adj) a denunciation; bitter verbal attack
  7. euphenism
    (n) use of an indirect expression in place of one that is harsh
  8. futilitarian
    (adj) holding the view that human endeavor is futile, useless, or vain
  9. indefatigable
    (adj) tireless
  10. myriad
    (adj) indefinite number; great multitude
  11. pathological
    (adj) pertaining to or cause by disease; disordered in behavior
  12. propensity
    (n) a natural leaning or tendency; bent
  13. sobriety
    (n) seriousness, gravity or solemnity; absence of alcoholic intoxication
  14. voluminous
    (adj) large, bulky; enough to fill volumes
  15. whet
    (v) to sharpen, to make stronger, to stimulate
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SAT Vocab A #14
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