Intro to Neoplasia S1M2

  1. Neoplasia is defined as
    Process of uncontrolled growth
  2. Neoplasm
    Abnormal mass of tissue thats growth exeeds that of normal tissue
  3. Oncology is the study of
  4. What are the three types of neoplasms
    • Benign (capsule)
    • Dysplasia (atypical cells)
    • Malignant (no capsule)
  5. What is the difference between parenchyma and stroma in tumors
    • Parenchyma is the bulk substance
    • Stroma is the connective tissue such as blood vessels and determines the growth of the tumor
  6. In epithelial tissue what are the suffixes you add for malignant and benign
    • Benign - oma
    • Malignant - carcinoma
  7. What are the benign and malignant suffixes for mesenchymal tissue
    • Benign - oma
    • Malignant - Sacroma
  8. Adenoma is a prefix for
    Benign tumor of epithelial lining of glands or ducts
  9. The prefixes for conditions effecting the placenta are
    Hydatidiform or Chorio
  10. Urinary tract would be prefaced by
  11. A prefix for conditions effecting the testies is
  12. What is a nevus
    A mole (benign)
  13. A tumor with a cavity appearance will have the prefix
  14. A tumor with a club like projection will have what in the name
  15. What is a papilloma
    Finger like projections
  16. What are the three types of cystadenomas
    • Serous (fluid inside)
    • Mucinous (Mucous fluid inside)
    • Papillary (finger projections)
  17. What is the difference between a sessile polyp and a stalked/predunculated polyp
    Sessile is a growth without a distinct stalk (more dangerous)
  18. Prefix for cartilage
  19. What is the prefix for smooth muscle
  20. Prefix for Adipose tissue
  21. What is the prefix for skeletal muscle
  22. Blood vessels use what prefixes
    • Heme
    • Angio
  23. Brain coverings use what prefix
  24. Sarcomas are spread via
    Hematogenous routes
  25. Carcinomas are spread via
  26. Which is worse, a carcinoma or a sarcoma
  27. What are some example of words that have the suffix -oma that aren't benign tumors
    • Granuloma
    • Hematoma
    • Hamartoma
    • Choristoma
  28. What is a tumor with more then one cell type but one germ layer
    Mixed tumor
  29. What is a tumor with more then one cell type from two different germ layers
  30. What is a choristoma
    Normal tissue in a foreign location (adrenal cells under kidney capsule)
  31. What is a hamartoma
    Non- neoplastic tumor like a lesion with haphazard growth of the tissues normally found in a given site
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