1. What criteria requries a BEP?
    • Hazrdous Material in the following quantities
    • 500 pounds or 55 gallons
    • 200 cubic feet of compressed gas
    • Radioactive material
  2. What site do you look at to see if your inspections are complete?
    Pixie list
  3. What web site brings up the business contacts?
    Site ID
  4. When you can not find information about the building owner of a vacant building, who do you contact?
    FireRP which is station 13
  5. If a business needs a BEP, where can you direct them?
    City internet site under E services
  6. If you find a business does not have a business license, who do you contact?
  7. When is a high piled storage permit required?
    • 1. Anything stacked higher than 12 feet
    • 2. Group A plastics, rubber tires, and flammable liquids stacked higher than 6 feet
  8. At least how many people should be listed for responsable party contacts?
  9. Extinguishers should be serviced when?
    Once a year
  10. Fire sprinklers and standpipes should serviced when?
    Every 6 months and a 5 year maintenance
  11. Kitchen hood systems need to serviced when?
    Every 6 months
  12. Private hydrants need to be serviced when?
    Once a year.
  13. When must inspections be completed?
    October 31
  14. How many inspections must be completed per month?
    10 %
  15. Kitchen hoods must have what compliance?
    UL 300
  16. Where is the UL 300 tag located?
    On the chemical tank or cabinet
  17. What type of extinguisher should be present when using a deep fat fryer and within how many feet?
    A class K and within 30 feet
  18. In all businesses, what kind of extinguisher must they have and within how many feet?
    2A10BC within 75 feet
  19. If a business needs a BEP and does not have one, who do you contact?
    You inspector
  20. Who is responsible for updating station BEPs annually?
    A shift captains
  21. If you have a business with sprinklers, who do you email and why?
    You inspector because a data base is being created
  22. Hood and duct tanks need hydro how often?
    Every 12 years
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