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  1. Cell Cycle
    A series of events from the time a cell forms until its cytoplasm divides
  2. Homologous Chromosomes
    Chromosomes with the same length shape and set of genes
  3. Interphase
    IN a eukaryotic cell cycle teh interval between mitotic divisions when cell grows, roughly doubles the numer of its cytoplasmic components and replicates DNA
  4. Mitosis
    Nuclear divisoin mechanism that maintains teh chromosomes number. Basis of body growth and tissue repair in multi celled eukaryotes; also asuexual reporduction in some plants, animals, fungi and protists
  5. Cleavage Furrow
    in a dividing animal cell the indentation where cytoplasmic division will occur
  6. Alleles
    forms of a gene that encolde slightly different versions of the gene's product
  7. Fertilization
    Fusion of two gametes to form a zygote
  8. Gamete
    Mature, haploid repoductive cell that gives rise to haploid gametes by meiosis
  9. Germ Cell
    Diploid repoductive cell that gives rise to haploid gametes by meiosis
  10. haploid
    having one of each type of chomosomes characteristic of the species
  11. meiosis
    Nuclear division process that halves the chromosome numer. Basis of sexual reproduction
  12. somatic
    relating to the body
  13. Zygote
    cell formed by the fusion of two gametes; the first cell of a new individual.
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