Week 38

  1. Glib
    smooth of speech

    The charlatan was able to wheedle money out of the naive audience with a glib talk on the medicine that would expunge pain
  2. homogeneous
    same or uniform

    While they started out as individuals, they became a homogeneous group whom he could motivate as he willed.
  3. malleable
    capable of being shaped or formed

    He ingratiated himself into their confidence, and the malleable crowd was shaped into a subjugated mass.
  4. legerdemain
    sleight of hand, deceptive adroitness

    They were engrossed as an ill man was "cured" before their eyes; some of the more urbane said it was legerdemain.
  5. trend
    general direction

    They could not follow the trend of his ideas, but his verbal dexterity galvanized the gullible listeners.
  6. stagnant
    motionless, dull, inactive

    The iconoclast has the propensity for reproaching those who feel complacent with leading a stagnant existence.
  7. fatal
    deadly, disastrous

    To the consternation of the distraught parents they learned their son was accused if using the lethal weapon on that fatal occasion.
  8. passe
    outmoded, old-fashioned

    We wish for halcyon days when the warlike solutions will have become passe.
  9. procrastinate
    delay, put off

    We all tend to procrastinate when faced with an unsavory task.
  10. facet
    one side or view of a person or situation

    Edna recalled with nostalgia many facets of her school days.
  11. foist
    pass off slyly, pass as genuine

    They are dubious of such an artist and accuse him of trying to foist as a work of art a rudimentary exercise.
  12. stigmatize
    to mark with disgrace

    It was an asinine thing to do--to stigmatize his opponent as a bigot and thus exacerbate an already bitter campaign.
  13. capitulate
    surrender, make terms

    Despite tenacious resistance, they were ousted from the strongpoint and had to capitulate to the enemy.
  14. audacity
    boldness, daring

    It is common to hear people disparage those who paint in the modern genre; they speak about the audacity of the artist who submits a high white canvas with a black border as a serious work.
  15. tantalize
    tease or torment by offering something good, but not deliver

    It is reprehensible to tantalize a young child with a promise of a reward for being good when you have no intention of giving it.
  16. retort (v.)
    to answer, reply

    He refused to retort to the rash question about his propensity for imbibing.
  17. reticent
    silent or reserved

    Most politicians are reticent when asked to divulge their ambitions.
  18. tacit
    understood, implied, not stated.

    His egregious behavior brought a tacit reproach to his mother's eyes.
  19. chicanery
    trickery, underhandedness

    The reporter divulged the blatant chicanery involved in the awarding of the contract.
  20. docile
    easy to manage

    Even the most docile person may become fractious when he gets only a pittance for his hard labor.
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