302 ch7 vocab

  1. role
    traditional pattern of behavior and self-expression performed by or expected of an individual of a given society; represents the social aspects of self-concept
  2. role performance
    a person's capacity to function as expected in social roles, in sexual relations with a partner, in family, and in a job
  3. role ambiguity
    a situation in which roles are not clearly defined
  4. role conflicts
    an incompatibility between one or more role expectations
  5. role pressures
    the external of internal circumstances, capable of change, that interfere with role performance
  6. role stress
    a subjective experience of mental, physical, and social fatigue often accompanied by a loss of meaning in what was previously important and exciting
  7. self-awareness
    the means by which a person gains knowledge and understanding of all aspects of self-concept
  8. profession
    a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic training
  9. mentoring
    a special type of professional relationship in which an experienced nurse or clinician (mentor) assumes a role responsibility for guiding the professional growth and advancement of a less experiences person (protege)
  10. networking
    a form of peer collaboration whereby individuals take advantage of making and using contacts
  11. magnet status
    ANA national program that recognizes quality pt care and nursing excellence in health care institutions and agencies and identifies them as work environments that act as a "magnet" for professional nurses desiring to work there because of their excellence
  12. collaboration
    2 or more people working together to solve a common problem and sharing responsibility for the process and outcome
  13. coordination
    2 or more people providing services to a client or program separately and keeping one another informed of all pertinent activities
  14. empowerment
    helping a person become a self-advocate; an interpersonal process of providing the appropriate tools, resources, and environment to build, develop, and increase the ability of others to set and reach goals
  15. advanced practice nurse
    RN with a baccalaureate degree in nursing and a master's in a selected clinical specialy with relevant clinical experience. Certification and state licensing requirements vary according to the state for practice in advanced practice roles.
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